بعد افول نجم البلوجات

مساعدة المحتاج

احيانا ... ترى اسوأ كوابيسك تتحقق امامك

اصعب وداع

تجارب قاسية

Happy Blog about Jordan day

اين يذهب الوقت؟

Why we get emotional over the littlest things!

مدونات الأردن ... تعود اليكم

وضع التدوين الحالي

الترزق، بالإعجاز

في هذا العالم

لا افضل من الواجبات ذات خط الموت

2017 - عام الحزن

والله زمان... شعور غريب العودة للكتابة

The state of the old Blogosphere

Just a quick shout out!

Happy blog 4 Jordan day #B4JO

والله زمان!


Why the universe is, as it is!

الكيا ... و المرسيدس و #ابن_الوزير

A little doubt

We love our ignorance!

Cutting the internet!

Happy blog 4 Jordan day #B4JO

The Economist: It's better to be born in India than Jordan

Please stop quoting Quran

Happy birthday little princess

ازمات هوية


Best advice you can ever heed

The anatomy of a #spam comment

Happy blog 4 Jordan day #B4JO

الرئيس كالكلب، ان عضّك

Atheism 2.0

Your blind spot

Power of the people

What do you brag about?

if it's not hard!

My #Windows8 thoughts

Contagious depression!

عيدكم مبارك ... من غير زحل #Eid

مع و ضد الأسد

Socially speaking...

The amazing Ramadani atmosphere in #Jordan

Arab Jobs!

Busy! Really really busy!


نجاح و فشل

The changing workplace

Long long time ago ...

#Osama: I am number Four (Picture)

The best #commercial... Ever!

And #Osama bin Laden is dead

#ReformJo #Mar24 and Jordanians living abroad

الأردن و فقر الحرّية - لماذا؟

شباب 24 آذار - الفجر الجديد

The middle eastern Tsunami #B4JO

#B4JO 2011 Live event

#B4JO: Blog for Jordan Day - 2011 - يوم التدوين للأردن

Why Jordanian businesses are blocking Facebook

العلم يُثبت تفوّق سائقي التاكسي

خالتي فرنسا ... و بلطجية النظام

I reserve the right ...

Emotional Friday

Are you oppressed and don't know it?

عِنّا من الخرّوب... سدّة ملانة

سؤال اردني

الثورة انتهت ... البحث عن مستوردين عرب

Congratulations to #EGYPT, and the Arab world

And on #Egypt

Success can be as simple as a move

On #Tunisia


On people, maturity and divorce


Stupid things people do

My good old blogging days, can't help but join in

Madness called Parenthood

Do you want to be Cool or Hardworking?

Arab Generations?

Pick your fights


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  • On: 08 December 2010 09:06:13
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I know, I know, it's been over a month!

Find out who's looking for you

#Starbucks to sell alcoholic drinks, prostitution to follow

Stop Cyber-Bullying against ArabCrunch and Ghaith Saqr

No seriously, I don't care!

Selling out to the CIA

Facebook Phone

You know your spell checker is dated when ...

How to commit social suicide

عيدكم مبارك

11 years, 7 months, 14 days

Nothing short of a miracle!

فيس بوك... تشوك جوزال

مسموم بدني

31 شعبان

To the idiot who said, Teams are the best...

Did anyone tell you before that you're and idiot?

Two years

Burned out!


My last day at work...

Please, stop telling me your secrets!

Talking about friends

When people don't care...

I Quit!

Your easy job!

Blame it on the economy...

Work makes you dumb(er)!

Are you capable of forgiving?

Enough with the facebook clones already!

Women have expiration dates!

On gays, lesbians and bisexuals in the mainstream media

Adventures in Amman

Passing tests

Common Jordanian trends!

Family weekend...

Idiots in charge

Time to ditch your DSLR

Surprisingly, Applauding Apple

I will not be part of it

التلفزيون الأردني، وقانون الإنتخاب الجديد

Dear Jordan TV, no such a thing as Good radiation!

New mobile Bing! Pleases!

Online advertising really doesn't work!

@Jordanblogs in Addustour today

ضلع اعوج


Greatest scenes in movie history - Godfather

Bloggers and Top secret meetings

Fearless @QueenRania takes on the mighty @Oprah

The state of the Arab Forums

Stay at home dad!

Sex and the City ... Of Abu Dhabi????

Previewing: Kick-Ass (2010)

Jordanian domain registry - You gotta be kidding me!

Religulous, Bill Maher at his worst!

Unlearning what we had learned - 2

Silence of the Lambs (not the movie)

Review: Clash of the Titans

Dear Imam....

Single lady's horrible Father!

Unlearning what we had learned

T-Mobile HTC HD2 released today, Sold out today!

Travelling = SUPER Excited!!

فن الردح ... الراقي؟

Missing ...

On Management, and hardware upgrades

#B4JO on Global Voices


Jordanian puzzles

Blog for Jordan day 2010, the harvest

#B4JO After hours, live

The land of inspiration - #B4JO

#B4JO: Live coverage, right here

Supporting: World Day Against Cyber Censorship

Blog for Jordan day, on the first page of Ammon - #B4JO

Drilling holes

A thousand days have passed, a million will pass

#B4JO: Blog for Jordan in 3 days, Tips and ideas to blog

Get to know QwaiderPlanet Twitter

The best Jordanian online service IS BACK!

مش طلع الإمام، بيقرأ لي؟

اعزب دهر و لا سنجل شهر

Don't be rude!

The significance of the 5 prayers

3 years old

و الله بحبّو لله في لله!

#B4JO: Blog for Jordan Day 2010

Will the Red-dead ever get the go-ahead?

Latest Tattoo craze!

الغالي سعره فيه؟

Brain washing wives

You asked, and I listened

مآسي صلاة الجمعة

Limitations as means to succeed?

The myth of the perfect wife

Dating tips #4: The art of listening

Sweet victory ...

Why #entrepreneurs -might- succeed!

Finally, a good use for Twitter!

Is #Google hurting?

King of hearts

One place I just can't get used to

a piece of home...

Engaging the #IDF in cyber warfare

There are stupid products, then there is Hug-e-gram!

Couple of Apple ideas

My antisocial tag to the social #Top50Jo


انّا لله و انّا اليه راجعون

Awesome Idea for new year's Eve in Jordan!

A new twist on an old scam

That new baby smell

50 Google wave invites up for grabs!

Dating tips: #3 Be generous

عمانا! عمى يعميه

Opinionated bastard

Am I the only one who remembers this?

Here's why I want to work for Google...

You didn't miss much...

يللا ...كلّنا في الهوى.. سوا

Kiss your ipod goodbye

When you Quit smoking...

Dating tips: #2 Be confident

Put some cloths on!

Would you tell?

Google DNS, friend or Foe?


Difference between junior and senior

Updated thoughts on circumcision

Belated Happy birthday!

Dating tips: #1 Be assertive

في النساء

My thoughts on entrepreneurship, and common delusions

My creative act of the day: New Blog submission form

Free phonecalls, thank you Google!

Creative act of the day: Twitter Column

My creative act of the day

Hey Microsoft, Fire this guy!

A sad day in Jordanian entrepreneurship history

شويّة غبرة -2- عبد الحليم في الخليج

شويّة غبرة

استحوا على دمّكم شوي

Wake up!

H1N1 (Swine flu) and my conspiracy theory friends

What makes us - human?

You know, the universe could have ended 10 billion years ago...

QwaiderTweeter breaks 700 in 40 days

On believers...

LOL! Can't get enough of the Karaoke Dr

How dumb Dawkins really is


ايش بالنسبة لأغاني الأطفال الملوّثة بالبورنو؟

On twitter followers...

Could any article survive forensic inspection?

Supporting Jordanian Media | @QwaiderMedia goes live!

Female Saudi Journalist gets 60 Lashes!

Arab web sucks!

Seriously... Why so bright?

Born to be ungrateful!

Google wave, not making any splash anytime soon


Allah got me fired (2)

What do you facebook about...

Qwaider Twitter v0.2

Jordanian Doctor in "Bones" Episode 96!!?#JO

انا افهم في الدين اكثر منّك و من اللي خلّفوكي

العز في اوراك النسا

It's never a good time

God got me laid off!

Expatriate dream come true... PhotoJoNet

10 things you shouldn’t do on your first day at work

eArabGirls?? Is there some sort of catch?

Latest developments

Here it comes, my Ramadni Rant

Remember what I said?

To my dear friends at Maktoob

Enough with the beating of women statistic!

QwaiderPlanet Tweeter-er

While businesses are closing... Zoka

Funny Disclaimer!

الإجرام على الإنترنت... الحقونا

What's better than being right?

آخ بس.. لو الناس تتعلّم شوية فن

غيّرت رقم التليفون

The stalker, and the obsessed!

HDTV, when you really don't need any

People are so evil!

Spinning Plates theory

One year in heaven!

يا عيني على هالأكلات

Sneaky life!

1 vs 100 live!

It's true, bloggers make the best radio shows!

Modern women and contempt

زبالة فنّية

Great experience at the drive-in cinema

Project Natal, it actually WORKS! And how Microsoft can kill the iPhone!

Conspiracy on your health?

Ok so I was wrong about Bing!

Friends come and go...

When you don't care!

@Qwaider back to it's rightful place

Just what the world has been waiting for! Another search engine

I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC, and I'm er, an IBMer!?

Like Google doodles? You'll LOVE ShinySearch

The best thing that ever happened to me

An Evil Plot to destroy the world, Enjoy!

ملح الأرض -الجزء الأول


Previewing: Night at the Museum 2 | Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)

HELP! My blog has popups!

اوّل ايّام الأسبوع

Distinction of humans

Tabbouli makes me shake my bootie

Tweet this, tweet that!

[Blog about Palestine day] The Lies and myths machine

Previewing: Angels and Demons (2009)

How Microsoft can beat Apple and destroy Linux

5 Million hits, One million visitors four three years and counting!

Beware of Fake blogs!

Women you can never believe!

Due to bad economy, we're cutting back

Action: Blog about Palestine day -- 2009

Pregnancy myth #1: Stretch marks!


Busy, Saving the world!

Woman's age...

Previewing: Star Trek (2009) (Aka Star Trek XI)

Living with family

Buffed jerk!

Marwan, from college

and ... we interrupt our programming to bring you...

Impending Disaster?

Mean parents

The end of an Era: RIP Geocities

Reason 2345432 why homosexuality is a choice

The Arab Bill Maher?

New preview thumbs at Qwaider Planet

Way before google!

All Flash, is NOT 2.0

The Jewish professor

Trust me, you're not that attractive!

طول ما انتي جمبي

Never get a Tatto!

It's the law, stupid!

Bumptop, organize your life, and some rumors

Who would you like to buy today?

We might be the last generation


And when the murderer is white....

جتكم ستّين نيلة

Honor Killings database progress

On rumors, Google acquisitions, and uninspired Arabs!

One of my darkest secrets

Things we learn...

Never forget, it's payback time!

Failure to plan..

The weird side of homosexuality

Call for action: Jordanians against Honor Killings

When can we expect graduates to know

It's finally HERE!

BAJD: The Star

Previewing: Duplicity

Our problems, and our self censorship

Article removed

Going on a date

محدثي النعمة

BAJD: Supporting our homegrown efforts

BAJD: Follow up on the EVENT Live, right here

Queen Rania launches Ahl El Himmeh initiative

Three strikes system, Vote now!

2012: Would you really want to know?

How to detect fake democracy advocates


Ads or no Ads, that is the question

BAJD: It's time for action! Calling all Jordanians

There's something about the rain...

Schizophrenia Emails

If you want to wear Hijab

Wordpress Blog About Jordan badges available

When congratulations get stuck in your throat

Cold beds

Blog About Jordan Day Widgets ready

BAJD: Blog About Jordan Day 2009


A day from hell!

ريحتها بصل

Add Qwaider Planet to your Live Messenger

Democracy vs Freedom of speech

Two years old

Best Commercial in the Universe

Live from KJ's dream!

It's more likely that the universe doesn't exist

I hate Captcha


My theological disclaimer

We are all Muslims

Dressing up kids

Maintaining radio silence

Synchronize your life

Do you feel the need?


When you blog, follow these tips too

Arab, Alabama!!?

Dear Arab Hackers

And Rick got the Pink slip!

Microsoft Tag, the 'barcode' for the rest of us

Great Ideas

Porn site security

More blogging tips for the eager blogger

Worst commercial EVER!

Democracy is the worst form of government

On making mistakes, and fixing them

Don't be humble

Definition of a scientist

XBOX + Netflix = HEAVEN!

The uncivilized Swiss


To die for one's people

There are two types of people....

Microsoft Songsmith, the greatest addition to Comedy in history

You'll never learn

Find out who blocked you

Democracy and Islam

Human evolution

تعالو نتفلسف

In pursuit of success

Closing down Guantanamo Bay

Site Preview

The Arab's biggest chance

مع القلعة

The biggest losers

Gaza war - OVER! Yeah right!

Are we really alone?

How to end your Career with a Bang

Just in case you were doubting the resistance...

نوّاب ... كلاب

So why do you -really- need an F16?

Why Hamas can never be defeated

بكل الإحترام، ممكن نتشطّر على الحمار؟

Fighting for life

Highlight: Noam Chomsky on the US, Israel, and Gaza

Realistically... Is there hope?

If you suffer from low blood pressure...

Blaming the victim mentality

Breaking News: Hezbollah enters the war

To add insult to injury... Joe the Plumber heads to Gaza!

Gaza stats, stay up to date on your blog

The Three-State Option

Breaking news: Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Breaking News: Jordan waves annulling the peace treaty with Israel


من الآخر.. البعبع يصفي حسابات الكل

Simple reasons why the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty is just 7iber [ink] on paper

نعي امّة

Resistance dreams

للموت طعم .. اسمه غزّة

Burn after marrying

Amazing video, worldwide Air flights around the globe

Wishing 2009 to be even better than 2008

Simple men

Science proving miracles?


Follow up on Gaza feed

ما اشبه اليوم بالأمس

On their wedding night - حوارٌ بين زوجين ليلة زفافهما

Thanks, but, no thanks!

White Christmas

My Commenting policy

Animals and humans

Seriously, ONLY IN JORDAN!

Kill or be killed

Jordan's dirty little secret

Office picnic

Mohamed Marwen Meddah of StartupArabia named among 'Top 100 Most Influential Marketers'

وأحسن إلى من أساء إليك

You can never -really- quit smoking!

Foods I'm not proud of eating

  • Posted by: Qwaider
  • On: 18 December 2008 09:41:23
  • In: Food

Reply by Email - Exclusive!


The day the earth stood still, brought to you by Microsoft!

Yamli search, Search in both languages at once

I am going to miss George W. Bush

فشِر نسوان

Dumb-Bucks wars!

Natural born jerks

A moment of pride


One Eid less


Tasteless advertizing

Victoria's dirty secret

If you can read this, then your computer is at risk

Do you think I'm a bully?

JordanBlogs, GirlyGator down until further notice FIXED

The best quote ever!

You poor pathetic life form, AKA Blogger!

The importance of family safety

My shopping list

The Taj

Some thoughts on women...

Smelly products!

How to say Mab3oos in other languages!

Reputation based anti-spam

Double blogging!

Dear waitress

Mr Backup and Mr Backup-Backup

Google/Blogspot warning!

Stop urging people to run Firefox

Never judge a book by its cover!

Atheists might be good

Blogging Disappointments...

When the lady calls the next day for the recipe!

حملة الرفق بالإنسان

Myth buster: Like my mother!

Women and weight

Dubai's bubble... Burst?

Why is this blogosphere broken?

I guess hell does freeze over

عُهْرٌ على الهواء

Bad economy hits Lebanese singers

Look Mom, No burning flags!

On being a m7ajabeh (wearing the veil) in the U.S.

Microblogging challenge!

Get married my son!

It's OVER! Even before the Fat lady sings!

Blow by blow on the Elections with Voices Without Votes

What will Obama do for you?


Lina Ejailat featured by Al Jazeera

Homosexuality is Disgusting!

Amazing guests!

Let's not meet by accident!

I won't be voting Obama, I know too much!

Dear lord, save us from Eve!

Why don't you people listen?

Netflix is finally coming to Mac

انطلاق مبادرة الشبكة العالمية

Great win for Human rights

WOW Moment!

حوار مع ملحد

Visited by King Abdullah II

Get that thing away from me

You know it's time to go when ....

Qwaider Planet - Third year

Google's latest target: Yamli

Chubby cuppy cake boy ... Cute?

Apple's Elephant in the room

Is Obama the next John Kennedy?

The Micromanaging jerk

To get chopped for Facebook

Get the Darwin Award, admit your own crimes, ON CAMERA!

Introducing GirlyGator, the world's first all female aggregator

I'm back!!

A sight for sore eyes

Anti-spam and Eleminating false positives

Say hello to my little friend

Emm, Do we get to vote?

Sexist request: Shave your goddamn armpit!

Blog Action Day: The infidel

Always, follow your passion

The coolest thing to run on your iPhone: Windows!

AlArabiya.net - hacked AGAIN!?

مواعيد عرب

My first crush...

شرح مبسط جداً لأزمة المال الأمريكية


If you read a single post today, Make sure it's this one!

Previewing: Body of lies (2008)

Homer Simpson voting Obama?

In global sense...

Previewing: Tinker Bell (2008)

Feminists and Islamists agree, Palin is too HOT!

My goodbye lunch

What is Haram? Why does it run our world!?

Bleak end of day results!

Eid Mubarak, for the rest of the world!

The wrong thing at the worst time

Alternative audience

Smart Answer...

Paid for porn!

I'm a PC, really, I AM!

First day on the job

Previewing: Eagle Eye (2008)

Force Unleashed

How to hack public figures

Porn collection

Previewing: Towelhead (2008)

The most humiliating procedure, EVER!

Fear of change

Cyber activists, Time to help, but first, some tips!

Previewing: Burn After reading (2008)

I still remember, the eleventh of September


Free Speech Hypocrites

Microsoft political muscle, Reintroducing Surface

وفاة ابو حاتم في باب الحارة الجزء الرابع

The blame game: How Internet service SUCKS in Jordan!

How to kill a Firefox, Google's way


No one can cap your dreams

Not another Chrome review!

And, I nailed it!

How -Traitor- missed the point!

Ramadaning .. In the air!

Previewing: Disaster Movie (2008)

Meeting Roba...

1 down 77,000 to go!


Why do atheists care?

Religion and moral values

The relativity of Honor

What do you call a photographer without a camera?

Your mileage may vary

Previewing: SEX DRIVE (2008)

The Female brain, Explained

Not all women, not all men!

The male brain, Explained

Google`s Android Materializes as T-Mobile`s Dream!

Kodak Moments

It truly sucks!

Jaha 101

في هذا الزمان

Diamond tears!?

Previewing: Hamlet 2

Making babies! [+ a competition]

Previewing: Star Wars: The Clone wars

Working under the influence of the honeymoon!

The month of hate!

Long distance secret!

The taxicab sister!

No prayer for the nail polisher!

All Arabs are Murderers!

US Travellers: Your laptop may be seized indefinitely!

It's been 18 years!

If you really wanna speak your mind!

Previewing: Tropic Thunder!

You're too good for this!

Homesick, no more!

Previewing: Swing Vote (2008)

The best ad campaign, EVER![UPDATED]

Is technology making us dumber?

HELP!!! She threw away the house!

Locally wanted!

Extremist Arabs!

The business of getting married!

Previewing: Pineapple Express (2008)

Heads and Necks!

Wedding crasher and other funny musings!

Live from the wedding...

The Big Day

At the wedding chapel

LA ... The Arrival

End of the longest Era...

Google Toolbar 5, Two thumbs up!

When angry, Sue!

المستحيل الرابع

Forced to donate!

HM King Abdullah II comments, readers freak out!

Going back to Sunna

Hate at first sight!

Reverse immigration



So, how did you meet?

Previewing: American Teen (2008)

Hurting at the pump? Gas saving tips!

Would you get a ticket for this!?

Crackdown on cracks!

The gold-rush theory

CIA best friend!

The itsy bitsy spider! NOT!

Making people happy

Previewing: Hancock (2008)

Hacking 2.0

Nasty BUG! 5000 lost comments

As I look at my wedding invitations...

Top Jordanian start-up looking for top hires!

Warning: Internet Cafes

Previewing WALL-E (2008)

To forgive is Divine!


وفاة جورج وسّوف في حادث مروّع

Can you feel the speed!?

The annoying brat in the class!

The myth of Fast-food!

Previewing: Wanted 2008

Previewing: The love Guru (2008)

Why guys marry some girls, but not others

Previewing: Get Smart (2008)

TEDATA-Jordan, come on!

On getting married and such!

Forgetting English!

المعلّقين الأشاوس

Goddamn Friday the 13th!


The A-Hole gene

Traditions, traditions!

How I lost 10 pounds in 1 week!

Reviewing: War, Inc (2008)

Bullshit: The most important issue for 2008 elections

Christians for Kaffiyeh!

حكي فاضي

Leave them alone you F@$%en jerk!

Greatest threat to bloggers

No more Rock Stars PLEASE!

Hurting at the pump? Relief is on the way!

Wear your Kaffiyeh with pride day 6/6

HM King Abdullah II, Doctor of Civil law

Playing the Terrorism card - Round one

Previewing: Kung Fu Panda (2008)

اتفه من التفاهة

The day appears so long, at 6AM

Angels in love and demons in hate!

Midyear resolution!

Making your own chicken soup

Previewing: Garden Party (2008)

Heaven can wait - buckle up!

Key to lady's happiness!

Dang Summer flu!

Previewing: You don't mess with the Zohan (2008)

Men suffer from it too!

If you think it's a easy Job, think again!

Crazy women: #7 Travel

Batman vs Wolverine

Yamli celebrates Jordan's independence

Congratulations, Qwaider lost

How right can actually be wrong

Qwaider Movies Beta goes live!

On scratching heads!

Ten things you just can't blog about!

The [un]real 40 year old virgin!

H-a-c-k-e-r Friendly

YAY, it's the weekend, and last minute BBQ

The hardest part of your new Job!

[Blog About Palestine] Palestine, the bloody tearful eye of the nation

Tomorrow is the big day ... Lets light this candle!

How to increase traffic to your blog with a single click

The good old reminder!

It sure feels like a lifetime!

Instilling the culture of fear...

What's under your Bra?

Things we love!

Server Crash and emotional investments

Reviewing: What happens in Vegas (2008) [Exclusive photos]

Reviewing: Speed Racer (2008)

Overdoing it!

Wordpress copies Qwaider!

No phone day at the office!


Middle eastern Chinese

Microsoft, walks away!

Cherish the day, the 4th of May

My super-girlfriend!

Not Jealous but ...

Lets Blog about Palestine

Arab Professionalism!?

Crazy Women #4: Just friends!

Previewing: Iron Man (2008)

No more collisions!

Crazy women: #3 Listening

Qwaider Shield - Anti-Spam API

Spots and Poles

Reviewing: Baby Mama (2008)

The power of a promise!

The youngest professor in the World!

Research: We're -more likely- alone!

البحث عن اسراء الأردنية

No one will know

Yes, I am proud to be Jordanian

Nothing wrong with Judging!

Love in the Year of the Tiger (虎年之恋)

Crazy women: #2 Insecurity

Crazy women: #1 Challenge

NO! I'm not selling!

The Husband's Bill of Rights

Wife's bill of rights

Airline fiasco, mergers and the goddamn free trade illusion

Those who make you cry

Movie widget 4 you

My life, Caramel - Sukkar Banat

FireFox is piece of junk!

Some are in it for the discussion

Should Facebook be banned at the office?

What marriage is not, AGAIN!

Previewing - Prom Night (2008)

Friendly Fire

Previewing: The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

Damn Adsense think I'm G-a-y

What kind of a commenter are you?

10 signs you might be a donkey!

And Yahoo continues to pimp it!

120 days, 4 months in jail and new developments

الإضراب المصري ... بعيون عربية

Microsoft's Ultimatum to Yahoo, negotiate or else!

Now these are awesome women!

Don't mean to be homophobic but this is too much!

The greatest assets of any nation

Perspective distortion

PrePreview talk: The forbidden kingdom (2008)

Dear stalkers, thank you

The changing field

Slash, No Dr Pepper for you!

This time, it's WHO against Israel

Do you know this song?

HM Queen Rania on YouTube

The three laws of Reform

The things we do in the name of love

The ugliest girl

110 and one phone call later

STOP-LOSS (2008)

Fitna فتنة: The true face of Fitna


Mocking Arab newspapers, AGAIN!

The Shortest Tag: What is thy purpose!?

Generating profit from your blog, Ads experiment

Why blog traffic is so important

Who wants to get yamlified?!

Shareef, Jordanian spinster, Part 2

Happy Easter, or is it Ashoura?!

And now she remembers

Visiting the elderly

Turns out, Women can drive!

Shareef, the true Jordanian spinster

11 year old marriage!

I got Yamlified (beta)

Olive branches!

Eiktub vs Yamli, who's the better editor

Frozen time

How do you tell someone that their blog sucks?!

100 days in darkness

An eye, on your words

Bad Arabic baby names


Perspectives, on Middle Eastern marriage

Disgusting Arabs!

The biggest fool

And the best operating system for your computer is......

Drink - Starbucks!

Blog about Jordan day, the harvest

Home is where the heart is (BAJO)

Against all Odds, Jordan! [BAJO]

"Blog about Jordan day" in the news!

Qwaider Planet: Face-lift and new features

90 days and the bird is still caged

What some people just can never be...

Strange world indeed!

Previewing - Never Back Down

المزيد من هرطقات و حقد وفاء سلطان

Do you have BlogRush?

Long overdue inventions!

We raped her!

If America knew

Red Tape

Clash of the skirts

Sorry, I'm just delinquent

From Scratch: Dawali (War2 3inab) rolled vine leaves

Qwaider reveals all on Casual PR

Excellence, in customer service

80 Days, still no word

Barely legal

From Scratch: Kousa Ma7shi (Stuffed Zucchini)

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Unknowing people

Missing .....

Three words with, HM Queen Rania

Spectator parenting

Why aggregators are better than your reader

ليش طلّقتوني؟

Why do they revert!?

Microsoft goes open-source, well kinda

Say good-bye to blackheads!

How Microsoft stole my dream!

My promised post about Math...

Cracking the nut on Marriage

Sexy bodies!

Saltyyeh showing their real colors!

Same choices?

Today, I'm 1 year old!

70 days ... No Fouad

What if it never comes?

كلمات - أسلاك شائكة

Blog about Jordan day March 12th

Reviewing Jumper (2008)

Thank you -secret admirer-

How I piss people off!

Previewing Spiderwick chronicles (2008)

Banned from meetings!

The very first novel!

The hardest thing

Microsoft - Yahoo deal, predicted development!

Blogging, as a tool for change

Microsoft - Yahoo deal, my thoughts

No, Mecca is NOT the center of the world!

He said he will be back...

Fate and Faith!

60 days

Valentine ideas

لا تجيب مرأة .. لتعمل عمل شغالة

The hot blond, at my door


Self hating culture

Not to brag or anything... but

Behind every hater, a sick past

The guy who got an A

On the brink of disaster, the Jordanian social system

More REAL women issues - Citizenship

On sexual harassment...

Single Jordanian women, and adoption!

Behind your back too

Single people and Taxes!

Blink of an eye

Congratulations to new Tooters

Hawks and doves

10 things every [new] blogger should avoid!

In the grand scheme of things

When the double D speaks!

Crying your eyes out!

50 days!

How come...?

Traffic laws, accidents, media and the average Jordanian

Surviving global catastrophes

An indecent proposal!

If I were a woman!

More exclusive features - not on wordpress!

Battle for the worst!

Oh my god, what a fantastic post!

The Qassam issue!

Previewing: RAMBO (2008)

The worst Jordanian attribute!!

Previewing: Untraceable (2008)

Forced marriages

نداء الى كل نساء العرب

قبر جماعي ... اسمه غزة

!Bakkouz is ALIVE!

رجال آخر زمن

Common misconceptions about Islam

They sound much louder, online

A new gem sparkles in the blogosphere

Worthy of the honor

Try before saying hard!

Previewing - Cloverfield (1-18-2008)

No -pulping- comment

Exclusive interview with ....

Why I think RSS sucks!

Engaged ....

No, I'm still not talking to you

On friends and life...

Join us in prayer...

Hate mondays!

The little love switch

If men got pregnant (Rebuttal)

Facts about men (rebuttal)

Tips for the anonymous blogger

Another new from Yamli - Yamli for Facebook

كفرتُ بآلهتكم ... من جديد

Not Happy!

Little trick that makes search engines go crazy about your blog

Why I don't trust Arab online services

The dirty hands that work in the dark....

Why I can't respect your husband...

And the award for the best invention of the year goes to ....

Married women!


so simple, yet so sweet!

Are we ready for freedom of speech?

Shouting Loud for Fouad!

Le Harem politique Le Prophète et les femmes

Stupid ways to protest...!

Jordanian top bloggers

برادة اردنية

Gender attraction

Divorce is in the Air

عندما تكتشف انّك اكبر هبيلة

And the truth shall set you free!

وصلت ... بس لسة مشتاقلكم

Good bye Amman

Qwaider's socio-techno predictions for 2008

عامل الخوف

فن حضور السينما

المواطن المحظوظ

Very lovingly!

Shamefully, I have abused the system too...

How to get a PHD, and still be a moron!

But, You're Engaged!!!!!

More Ammani impressions

What I love about Amman, and what I seriously despise!

What exactly is Hijab to you?

Jordanian woman can't drive!

ما أُخِذَ بسيف الحياء .. فهو حرام

Collecting enemies

يوجد سعاد - مع خدمة التوصيل

Remember that we lovers - فرق كبير

'when doing the right thing is so wrong!

Becoming your worst nightmare!

Disgusting animal behavior!

like moth to the flames

عُهر المرأة

The best poll I've seen in ages!

Qwaider previews - The Kite Runner (2007)

Your married Ex!

Why do you blog?

Why I REALLY hate shopping

Idiotic North American Muslims!

جــوس الواوا

10 things to do if you're a new blogger

Slavery, in JORDAN: The Victoria [has no more] Secrets scandal!

آلام المخاض

What's worse than ignorance?

2008 the year of the sequels? Guess who's back!

Truth and Fact

I am a Muslim...

Rolling with Qwaider - Top of the 90s - Part II

Why we should boycott Arabic businesses!

Where I would rather be tomorrow

Sex education is inevitable!

Another garbage victim!

You're not even a man!

ثلج... و نار

Amazingly cute!


We all fall down!

What kind of a sexist are you?

Leopard is Vista!

The Kite Runner and the dumb chick!

All for the job!

Rolling with Qwaider - Top of the 90s - Part I

Thanks to Dr Hypocrite, Katherine and Abdullah are No-More!

God's Hate

Dr Phil, Leave Abdullah and Katherine Alone!

Is ISLAM applicable for every time and place?? - Answered!

How to cook a turkey with a light bulb

Qwaider cooks Turkey!

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How rude!

بدنا انتخابات كل شهر

No thanks, I'm a Muslim!

Hurry, Burka fall fashion show!

You have exceeded the cleavage limit!

The pretty boss!

Highlights, eyebrows... what's next?

Foot in mouth moment!

Qwaider previews - Beowulf (2007)

Shouting for results

Women and rocks!

Don't blame ME for your failure!

Awkward: Arabs admitting mistakes and asking for help

Gay for a day!


A must for your iPhone!

7 day weeks, 18 hour days

Some Indian wisdom!

The day Qwaider gets married! [Tag]

Jordanian GID and the CIA

فكّرني بيك

Qwaider's policy change

How much do you tell your friends?

Public Announcement: It's NOT ME!

Take your kid home! Stupid

Compliment or insult?

Life on the rebound

The cancer of Love

Does it return the favor?

Roba's Planet!!?

More holes than a Leopard! Yep, Mac sucks!

معجّنات .. على صفيح ساخن

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Life is but a deck of cards

Qwaider previews - Bee Movie (2007)


Only the stupid stay behind

Stuck together!


The unsung heroes of blogging

A well deserved rest

Some technical tips for the non technical bloggers

من الجمعة للجمعة

Certain people!

Ka3kit nescafe (Nescafe cake)

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  • In: Food


Disappointed, frustrated and hurt

How -not to- promote something

Happy birthday Qwaider Planet

نقابة منتجي و مصنّعي الجميد

You're a loser!

Career Suicide!

Supergirl and Me!

How Arabs measure success!

Wara2 Dawali ورق دوالي

One of the habits of the most successful people

There are two types of people!

Amman City... Now has a blog!

الماء العكر

It's not about your work, only!

unlucky baking experience!

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  • On: 16 October 2007 19:28:25
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Thank you Uncle Sam for deciding who I can marry

Paper or plastic!?

Abu Nakad!


Qwaider reviews - The Kingdom (2007)

زهقت ... كل زفت و انتو بخير


طفاسة! جد جد ... طفاسة

Have your comment been rejected?

Watch out, You're on the record!

One thousand and one Articles

Sure, why not a Mac!?

The problem with Arab American

اصحى يا نايم وحّد الدّايم

All roads, don't lead to victory!

Random thoughts

I give up! They don't exist anymore!

Poor iPhone users!

Sure, why should you settle for less?

My credentials!

Lighting another candle

Fact: Bloggertts have higher chance to get married!

Busy days, super busy nights

On doubt!

Memories Documented Status update

Go ahead, close the gates of Paradise behind you!

خلاصات رمضانية..

Second hand lovers!

Truth about marriage

Gag order!

Empty lives!

Trusting bloggers!

Changing preconceptions

Those don't count!

On infidelity

Arab Gods!


When we get stuck on someone!

That's it, I quit!

So little time!

Anti-Caffeine plan - Success!

No you freak, You can't add me to MSN!

My Idol!

Glaring violations by Jordanian traffic police

سجن القمر

And I met Jesus Christ!

She ran away!!

The trip out!


Unacceptable, unsatisfactory and very offensive!

Not really addictive, huh?

Best view in Amman

Prostitution, in Amman

سكّان عمّان الشرئيّة .. كلهم نَوَر

الذكرى العاشرة لرحيل موسى قويدر

And the very next day, she moved on!

Driving horrors!

Amman Municipality, WHY!?

Neither Royal, Nor Jordanian

When you're around Arabs

Losing sunshine

يا ريتني هندي

Blogging - Signal to noise ratio

On free trade.. (Answering Mohanned)

They all fake it!


I wish..


Wordpress takes a nosedive!

Google does to Sky what they did to earth!

Sex and the city - of Amman

The Jordanian Blogging Ten Commandments

Married vs Single... The battle continues


To the Uptight Jordanian bloggers

Arrogant Taxi Drivers!


Blogger Shilalizm II


The pretty offender

Religious controversy

Meanwhile on Qwaider Planet...

حكمة الأجيال!

Deprivation of the Arab couples

جد اعطي الخبز لخبّازه

Society in trouble

حجاب ... هيك و هيك


To MCSE or to CCIE?

Girls and guys, one more time!

On Queen Alia International Airport again

I'm more Jordanian than you, traitor!

Voting results for the fovorite Jordanian male blogger.

منسف عَــــ جاج.. ما ينفع اردنية

Queen Alia airport, Red handed!

Jordan: Ban smoking in public places!

Fierce competition for the most popular blogger spot

Funniest error message ever!

شايف حالو


On blog and blogging, NEW FEATURE

Fact: Arab women have stronger personalities..

Vote: for your favorite Jordanian Male blogger

Make the world a better place, punch Qwaider in the face

You have been banned from my site

Tooting my own horn. The most popular blogger :)

I can answer, I can retaliate

حكمة اليوم × 2

phone blogging

On God, and other dangerous ideas

Good news on Honor killings

The first day...

حكمة اليوم...

Honorably released from active duty

On August....

Arab kids, western world

Everybody's a critic!

How Qwaider Planet helps the community

Under a rock!

الواد قلبه بيوجعه

Tough love..

Business must get agile

You can do it too!

لأ يا اطفال.. المياه لها لون و طعم و رائحة

From scratch..

في عمّان

Sex addiction....

There are two types of women

The alley cat

Are you the same person?

Grow up, already!

منقوشة زعتر

Young couples

Fellow bloggers, beware!

Take your winnings and RUN!

Where do you wanna be in 5 years?

Leaked! Harry Potter and the deathly hollows!

Calling Jordan for 3.6¢ a minute!

And he felt safest, in Jordan

The lady, and the shoe

Couple of interesting things!

Emotional abuse!

Can you let me work!

Emotional overload...

What marriage is, NOT

Boom Chica - Wah wah ..

The Jewish golden age. Mohammad's Sword

Regarding the New 7 Wonders, what they would say

7 wonders of the world announcement video


Crazy parents!

Communication issues...

Happy Birthday, US of A

Hanging by a thread...

Food Qwaiderizations

حاسس بالضياع!

You can only have a maid .... if....

Why women are smaller!

Mr X has a new face

Divorce, is so ugly

Long lost lovers...

Yes, people are stupid!

Anti-Tag, why marriage is overrated!

First impressions...

Mr Generalizations

Don't ding me for your laziness!

Changing trends... Socially

The most beautiful girl

Hard to deal with - gene

Vista is more secure than Linux, according to [Ehm] Microsoft!

iPhone, Apple's way

But he's not wearing a tie!!

and then there's REALLY busy

صلاة 101

Some pix around Chicago

عزايم مراكبية

Back from vacation, need a vacation!

There are certain things in this life ...

Human black-holes

My armpit in Chicago

No seriously, I am busy!

Chicago advice

What's worse?

The melting pot

صباح الخير يا .... فيروز

Fresh Green Molokhyyeh!

Female networks!

Sun Rose

حلال ... و بس

Lighting a candle


Patent thieves!

You did it, why can't my moron?


Real courage!

Blogging @ 60MPH

Thinking it is one thing, saying it is another

This time, Really thanks Microsoft!

Commandments For guys only...

Expired Ph.Ds

Looking over his shoulder...



Victims of vanity

الهجرة المعاكسة

What not to do when selling...

World Economic Forum and the Average Jo

المرأة ... و الرجل..

The good old days.....

Guess what turned out to be a National duty!

Poisoning the well

The little drama queen

Domesticated Roosters

A 1400 year old joke, gets center stage

Shrek the 3rd (2007)

In this country...

ArabExpats ... Away from home

PlayStation 3 vs XBOX360 issue resolved

فروق غريبة

Office politics

Cool new feature

It's been wonderful

The good side of Reality shows

تسونامي في المنزل

Thanks for your advice...

This must change

Will someone tell this moron to shut up?

Seriously... Confused!

Would you marry her?

Behind closed doors

Meet Lopita, my new best friend

Emotional cancer

Every dog, has his day...

One of the greatest dialogs

Bechamel and Spiderman

Qwaider Planet Status Report: April

Happy but crying...

No, you don't look cool!

Jordanian Painted bird

Damn HDTV!

The polygamist and me

Towards a better Jordan

It's the weekend already in Amman

And, I did it again :)

Another proof that they all suck!

Virtue by chance, not choice

Next (2007)

Remember that bank in Lebanon?

اللي على راسه بطحة.. فعلا بيحسس عليها

Everyone's watching, Lets make out

Love Gadgets :)

Yes, we're going to be cyborgs!

Stick to what you know, PLEASE!

His past, her past!

And statistics prove it!

كلام نسوان

Another weekend update!

Instinctive vs acquired

Male Domestication

If you think ....

My perfect match

Waitress (2007)

Banned in the movies!

بس في المسلسلات الخليجة

I hate tax-day!

Spring, illustrated

Sorry, but you're so boring!

عمرو دياب.. الله عليها

Mr Cheese


And it dies with marriage...

Just to prove that the artist is never limited by his tools

Stop the waste!

They really don't grow on trees

شهِدت في زماني

When mercy is your worst enemy

Expected to lie!?

Another week passes by

To all Spammers

Intermixed marriages

Real Moms, Educate

Disturbia (2007)

On Agreement

At the ER

Perfect Stranger (2007)

The Grindhouse (2007)

Laugh at the MAC user next to you

My one and only!

So, why do you blog, really?

Stealing public holidays!

The art of Movie-watching


Life on Autopilot

Qwaider Planet Status Report: March

What part of "busy" don't you understand?

Top 10 Wedding photographers in the world

How would you tell them?

Me and Shopping

Circumcision against AIDS!

هلوسات غير محكّمة


بالله شو؟

As close as it gets

I have a dream, too!

Tailored to order Democracy

Who really affected the other?


What love is (2007)

To all mothers?(yes, a question)

Opposite sex Friends?

الحمامة و الفاجومي

بلاغة العرض في فن مسح الأرض

Chasing women!


Measure twice, and cut once

Two movies! Two nice movies...!

F·r·i·e·n·d·s in Saudi!


I need chocolate!

George Lucas, PLEASE make the third trilogy!

On faith...

Would you still do it?

It's official: Golden triangle exists!

Billion Dollar Slap!

I need a hug!

Toughest decision ever for Qwaider Planet

Mellow weekend, two movies and a book!

You must change your password!


To the ladies .... Happy Anniversary

I don't want to be pretty!

بعد الاسبوعين

What is thy bidding, my master?


خلص عاد ... مشّيها

يافا قبل ال48

How to become a celebrity, overnight

يا مبروك يا مبروك

Walking on water no longer reserved for gods

Yes, yes ... it got me too!

I'm [making a difference]... Are you?

Seriously, WOW!

شو قصّتكم مع الاحباط؟

خرمان على زفتة سيجارة

Feminists, self hating Muslims, and neo-atheists

Myth: No one is beyond redemption

To Eternal bracers and Save Dibbiners

Racist by instinct...

Now, there are good laws, and bad laws

Anonymity vs Credibility

So called airport security!

5 days...

Natural recism

God bless you Khaled and JordanBlogs

Execute Kareem

Half a million and still going strong

Veiled babies

Activism is Cool

Women are dirtier than men

Love, revisited

A fantastic product from Microsoft

Red Underwear

Wake up early


Me and my mood!

Pure Evil

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!

لعيون القمر

Love yourself....1st!

It's been a while, but..

For god's sake.... stop repeating yourselves!

افتتاح قسم خاص للعاهات

Arab men, Arab women

My dear, everyone lies

Will they ever quit!?

Arabic women rage

الرد على وفاء سلطان

No more Leeching!

I hate Roba!

Commenting for the dead

مرات، بكره حالي

Dishonor crimes!

لكل امرأة مظلومة على وجه الارض

What are you talking about??

Angels or demons?

وحياتي عندك

Voting Petra out!

بحار ومحيطات

Hit me daddy, I've been a bad girl

Why I hate the word Patriotic

The adventure continues

Blogging guide-Tips-Tricks-glossary

If you forgive

The Namesake (2007)

Gold .... show me the gold!

Just when I thought I've seen it all.....

Stuff that puzzles me....!

When your Alexa rating passes iToot

Stop telling me what to think!

Don't vote Petra!

Miniskirts at work

اسماء.. و مقابلاتها - الجزء الاول

lets do [head]shots

من اجل العروبة

Morale caste

I hate Tags: 5 things you don't know about me!!

ما بدّي من غيرك عيش


جدار الصمت

يوم زفت! و بعدين؟

Bloggers are selfish

Meet DoTs, the Youngest blogger in Jordan

Early criticism for Mosalsal مسلسل

ما شالله عليكم

iPhone ShmIphone

My advice to women...

Flannel Pajamas (2006)

Tip them.... Tip them well!

Who I really am!

يا واخد القرد على ماله

في ناس

الله يخزيكم! و يرحم المظلومين

Jealousy and envy

اشتقت اسمع منّك

Bride's virginity!

خرابيط عالصبح

Take the bus

عند البوّابة

Link to Qwiader Planet


ما احلى الرجوع اليه


Who farted!?

7ayati Abouts!!


A nice hot cup of coco

The last sacrifice

Memories Documented ... Thanks

The 500th

Typical Arab girls...

We Love you Jordan Planet

Rage, he dumped me first!

في الاحضان


Alright, I'm not


عريس و السلام

It's tough to be human

وحشا ليس أكثر

Do you believe in chemistry??!!

Walking on glass..

Lovely pictures from Jordan Planet Quiz night

الحجاب... الموضة

بس لأنّي طيّبة

حيط الحبايب و العشاق

With the Jordanian Royalty

وين رايحة

One full week out!

Enjoy the traffic

Toz @ Cafe

قحّة و نص


رحلة صيد جديدة


And I did it ...

Guess what, Conspiracy theorist won this one

شرف هايدي


حط راسك مع هالروس و قول.. يا قطّاع الروس

جد قرفت

Qwaiderization - on Absolutes

هلاّ تعود

More beauty around Amman


نينجا و نص

Streets of Jordan!

كان نفسى...

On female supremacy

Why I love Amman ......

مغلق للصلاة

Qwaider Planet Meeting


The more it dies..the more they'd survive.

تصوير علم الاردن...... ممنوع

Book Tag

Stop trying to fit in!

كيف تضحك على حالك بعد سنتين


Bursting Privacy bubbles

يوم الحشر... في مكة

Best night ever!

TEData DSL.... meh!

Female Gentile mutilation

بسكوتة إم الشلن

Rude drivers!

My way!!!

Meeting Mighty bloggers

Time warp!

اعداء الامس.... ؟

خلّصت المي؟

كانوا و كنّا أطفالا

Olives, kabab, Fatteh ... et cetera

Jordanian Etiquette

المحبة تتناسب طرديا مع سعر الهدية

الذبح الحلال... بين التشدد و الفرض

Qwaider Planet art

Social demotion!

ما زلت حرا...

بلّشت الإنفلونزا

يعطيك العافية، عالمخابرات بالله

Young lovers...

Street fighter IV

Priorities In Affairs..


Wifi - Shock and Awe!

From Amman, with love

Any DSL advice in Jordan?

The check list never ends!

No, I didn't do it!

What do these have in common?

امدادات الطاقة غير المنقطعة

ما بدّي أسمع هالأغنية..!

النص.. .و لا شيء غير النص

Culture of Commitment

While Jordan Planet is down!

Stress Level: Through the roof!

Forgive Me...

يحرق حريش الشوبينج

Things you can not have too much of

Grape Leaves

From the waiting room!

First thing to do in Amman

Finally, a NEW trailer!

Another pedophile behind bars

Career Zigzag

الاسلام بين الاعجاز والاوهام


Perfume: The story of a Murderer (2006)

Windows Vista new boxes

And now for something different

Jordanian Hypocrisy!

الرومانسية العبيطة

ما بسير مبروك عالناشف..عيب!

Applauding Jordan Planet

تسويق الابداع - و ابداع العمالقة

Moorishgirl book reading in Seattle

Flexing some muscle

مستقتلين على امريكيا

Eulogy to tolerance

Qwiader Planet, The voice of the underdog

Microsoft Soapbox, YouTube killer?

The ultimate T-shirt folding primer

Sorry, You're a fool!

When Neighbours Leave

Golden Butterfly: معنى الصمود

قيد عشتار*

Internet in The Mosque

يا صحابي يا اهلي ... بدي ارجع على عمّان

Oops! Sorry for the outage!

Our Mission statement!

Royal Jordanian Airline

You know blogs went too far when....

The stupid little spammer took the bait

Dedicated to All Moms

Art School

Don't just take my word for it!

All Clear!

Technical difficulties!

You call that beauty?

مش بس تعبان

ايام العيدية

Someone has been naughty

كلاكيت العيد

الفراشة و اللهب

بأي حال عدت يا عيد

خير من الف شهر

طب انته الغلطان

Internet Explorer 7 Ships

وينك من زمان؟

ترويح أم ترويع؟

Flags of our Fathers (2006)


الزواج العرفي... زِنا

Empowering young Women

كش برَه و بعيد

Our Town

شر البلية..؟

اللي بدّو الدنيا ابيض و اسود

Memories Documented in JP Iftar

مظاهرات حاشدة تجتاح العواصم العربية احتجاجا

Memories documented enters bid

More arab Bloggers voice thier frustration

Welcome to Wireless@SG

Catch a Fire (2006)

Sparkling new server!

Things I really miss in Amman

يم ..يم ..يم مطر

Pictures from an Evening with Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu

Babel (2006)

Sleep deprivation

شو مشتاقة

فوائد الملوخية

Cast your votes!

Google, You Tube is this another dumb move by Google?

Five levels of ignorance

المرأة والمرآة

الزواج ما بين المصلحة والرباط المقدس

Breastfeeding in public

عند الغروب

Memories Documented authors get thier own pages

My first WTF!

Things I miss from Childhood (Tagged)

الساحر الأزلي

بين ارسطو و ميكافيللي.. يا قلبي لا تحزن

اللباس الطائفي

العسل ...و ريحة البصل!!

Borat (2006)

ما بشغل بنتي سوكرتيرة

إلكترا و اوديب

دورة الحياة


Big Hit!

Infamous (2006)


كلام مسلسلات

Arab Ideas

Look who turned out to be a feminist

Raise Shields

Where would we be?

The first breath

Men get their children LAST

I hate it when even Muslims get it wrong

عمارة يعقوبيان

What is your Achilles' heel?

Arab Bloggers 2050

وداد ... وداد.... وداد من جديد

Amazing trick!

Royal Divorce?????

Welcome to my headache!

عزايم اخر ساعة

Tyranny of Generalization

Fearless (2006)

Update on ... Ramadan Olympics

Ramadan Olympics

بن مطلق والإرهاب الاجتماعي

Love Story

Will spammers ever quit?

'Jordanian-Intranets' is back

Introducing new bloggers

الرجل الشرقي

آيس كريم بالفانيلا

رمضان .. الغربة

School for Scoundrels (2006)

تفتيش حقائب السيدات..إجراءات أمنية أم فضولية.. أم اقتحام للخصوصية؟

قهوة ابوالعبد

Flyboys (2006)

الرد على وداد

How to punish people you love

Feast (2006)

Social Tax


يهود القرن الواحد و عشرين

اوه... بديش اتسوّر

اهل السماح... ملاح

صورة شو؟

  • Posted by: Qwaider
  • On: 15 September 2006 20:43:59
  • In: Food

آه زعيم... بتبَل-وِج؟

عربيٌّ انا

Jordan Planet meet up, September

ولّع .. ولّع ... اضربها صرمة

اسمعوني!! مشان الله

ليش معارضتنا فاشلة؟

ما تزعلوا منّي: بس مش هيك التسويق!

من اين جاء المكياج؟

Nightmare on IE Street!

What were you doing on 9/11?

Take people for granted.... Take 2

Take people for granted

Thank god for 4 wheel drive

The Covenant(2006)

The Protector (2006)

What have I been up to?

Theory of Evolution and Religion

Survival of the fittest...Part II

Survival of the fittest...Part I

Are you PMSing, Mister?

How to stream audio in your car

Fun with databse

You have been shamefully discharged

عفواً.. بس هاد هبل

يا زلمة كلها ولِدّه

The Untagable!


اذا بتحب صحيح... خلي حبيبك يتنفّّـس

Noor's wedding

صباح الخير

مين بيربي مين؟


الـلّـــــــ يحميك ـــــــــــــــه

متطلبات ما قبل الزواج عند الشباب

How to make your blog popular

What really happened to 'TheCaller'

Are you the supervillain?

Blast From the past

The Q..phenomenon!!

Human Tagging!

Bloggers mysteriously disappearing!

Maid in Jordan

افهموها عاد... القضية رمزية

The illusive Mr Right

The little things that make you smile

Is it time for the nukes?

في زمان الفجل

ما احلى الرجوع اليه

Blogging from Chicago

سكتت البنادق وعلا صوت الكلاب!

Some spam info

Weekend in Chicago

No you can't be an Astronaut

By Anonymous

Arab political Elite


What you do not know, does not hurt you

When a secondary school loser vs a Harvard PhD holder

Boycotts work!

Today's technical updates

Israel's new advanced weapons

تفاصيل المحاولة الارهابية المزعومة في مطار هيثرو

So why do I love the moon?

Ok, folks, really sorry!

اي.... فكّو عن ميل جبسون

احلام واوهام .. احمد و هيام

قال قضاء نزيه... قال

Jordanian Alternating Current

على حزب الله ان يتعلم كيف يطبع المنشورات

Survivors guilt

ماما... شو يعني مجزرة؟

Any similarities?

Hezbollah wins the war

Answering Eweeks top 25 products of the last 25 years

If you were Nasrallah, What would you do?

Do you lead? or do you follow?

فياجرا لأحياء الرجولة

Washington is still Sleeping


The Death of the moderate Arab

I will not leave my home!

Why men should marry female bloggers

مرسي ابن المعلم زناتي اتهزم…يا ”منز“. هنا البيبيسيي

لماذا يجب ان يعتذر نصرالله؟

كلنا مع لبنان وفلسطين ضد اسرائيل والمحتلين

Article #200

World Trade Center (2006)

The truth is, I lie

فاشل؟ بسيطة زوّرلك شهادة

Myth buster: Happily ever after

Who gets the flu in the summer!!?

كسر جدار الصمت

Best design for Memories Documented

Urgent plea to Israeli IDF Pilots

شكر الله سعيكم، و عظّم الله اجركم

وداعا، الى اللقاء

I, Zombie

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Qwaider is Branching out!

خيالك خيــال... وجمالك جمــــال

You, me and Dupree (2006)

فــــــضـــــحـــــتـــنــــــا.. الله يخزيك

والله مستحي

The cost of war

Interesting responses

Stop arguing, damn it!

Memories Documented Migration

سجّل... انا شيعي!

The art of inflating the enemy

Welcome to Memories Documented Forums!

What's wrong with these days?

Upgrade is done

The best Internet generation ever

الأذن تعشق قبل العين احياناَ

كشف الخزعبلات... في العلاج بالقرآن بالذات

Sexual harassment at work in the Arab world

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's chest(2006)

طز بهيك كأس عالم!

الصحة احلى

دموع العود

هل يجوز تجزئة التوبة؟

OK, Who did it?

اسلحة حواء للدمارالشامل

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Are you bitter?

Scanner Darkly(2006)

انته متخلّف والاّ جاهل؟

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New pictures added

جرح الحبيب ...

Don't marry the one you love!!!!

What's Qwaider reviewing this week?


So what exactly do you bring to the table?

Marriage, Personality tug of war

Be grateful

Who do I have in my Qwaider Planet?

طز فيك يا برازيل

Internet Explorer 7 Beta3 is AWESOME

Something wierd is going on!

نحمدك يا رب على دعواتنا غير المستجابة

Such amazing inspiration

*جديد* بن لادن يطرح شريط جديد في الأسواق *جديد*

I am sorry

Why more women need to study Computer Science

Yeap Muslim to the bone!

أي استحوا على دمكم عاد

الزواج بالمــراسـلـــة؟؟؟

Blue Pill can go totally undetected

Superman Returns(2006)

How to tell someone to BUG OFF!

Upcoming summer blockbusters

Sexually frustrated diseases

(Memories Documented) on the 1st page of Dwwen

Blogger Shilalizm

What's wrong with being the richest man in the world?!

صباح الخير يا عمان

Introducing new Bloggers #3

(Memories Documented) featured on 1st page of Technorati

خرابيط اليوم

Introducing new bloggers #2

اعجاز علمي جديد في القرآن من اكتشافي- عفوا- الإكتشاف مذكور في الجلالين

أخبار خالتو فيفي

كفاية ظلم: نطالب بالمساواة

Wake up and smell the coffee.

زواج التخجيل

Sorry, No... we can't be friends

Click (2006)

So, I contradict myself

The Devil wears Prada(2006)

Raindrops, Burning tears

Conversation with the garbage collectors

Request for prayer

بلا توت، بلا بطيخ

Take back your life with 4D's

Outraged by Slate.com on world refugee day

I'm a Jerk magnet

Monster House (2006)

Breaking the code!

Introducing new bloggers

The Lake House (2006)

Sushi Night

Nacho Libre (2006)

In the spirit of the world cup: 1 Qwaider:Wasps 0

US vs Italy, CRAP

The fast and the furious III: Tokyo drift (2006)

Thank you, You make it worth reading!

بامية باللحمه و بطاطة اوجراتين

Bill Gates: Steps down from Microsoft as CEO, CSA

Apparently, I'm facing some technical difficulties

رحمة الله عليك

العرب و عقدة كاساندرا

Laser tag, video games, Go-carts, mini-golf, mountain climbing and barbeque chicken

عاقبة الاحتكار


شيخ صالح، عفوا... انت ستين حمار

طز بالتعليم، و طز بالحب، و طز بالاسرة

Arab desperate housewives

Functionality vs Policing standards

Houston, we have a Roll

Memories Documented welcomes Jordan Planet

Reviewing Cars (2006)

The Female advantage.

Alright, you got your man, now what?

Vote now to add 'Memories Documented' to iToot.net

Abu Musab Al Zarqawi DEAD!!

طبق اليوم: وجبه سرية سحرية للسعادة الزوجية

Yes, Google going dumb?

طبق اليوم: زوج سعيد بالشطه والمكسرات

Craving forbidden pleasures

Artist's frustration

Yes, yes... I'm better than you

Bloggers brag about stats

Stuck in the wrong timezone

اكثر اهل النار

كل شي بحسابه - الجزء السادس

The Break-up

New Grendizer movie

The Omen (2006)

Webstats4u Pop-ups

Marriage made in heaven

Paris Hilton's new tape ...

We have a logo!

It's better to light a candle

Hit the panic button, I'm almost out of Olive oil

كل شي بحسابه - الجزء الخامس

Ranting and rambling about ranting and rambling

Add gravatar to your ASP site

Shame on you Jordan planet, Shame on you

رد على:هل أصبحت اللغة العربية عبئاً علينا؟

كل شي بحسابه... الجزء الرابع

Truth in advertising

X-MEN III: The Last Stand

Dream come true

كل شي بحسابه... الجزء الثالث

Are you on WiFi yet?

You're so Localized, Dude!

Google Picasa, Get it free

كل شي بحسابه - الجزء الثاني

تاكل تونه؟

Microsoft ships Vista Beta 2 ... and more

كل شي بحسابه - الجزء الاول

Allah and the Tuna!

"See no Evil", seriously, Don't see it!

كانني لم اكن...ثغرك او صدرك او معصمك

The Myth of Organic

The Da Vinci code

Prenuptial agreements and Islam

Girls are Evil, Revisited

Application For Jordanian Fathers' Permission To Court Daughter

at your altar

Queen Rania of Jordan on Oprah

When Angels cry

الأبداع في .... المــــــنـــــســـــــف

So dark the con of man!


نقدم لكم ولا فخر.. المسخن

Just my luck

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