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A husband and father. Living in Redmond Washington with my wonderful family.

I love computers, been around them all my life, and started making a living out of them at around the age of 15. It's been one hell of a ride.

When I'm not "computing" I enjoy playing and listening to all genres of Music. I love watching movies, and happen to be one of the fortunate few who get invited to advance screenings. So remember to watch for my movie reviews, I guarantee you. NO SPOILERS... EVER! That's of course if the little one gives us a chance to do anything

My most favorite musical instrument is the middle eastern Oud, I happen to play that amazing instrument, people who heard me said some good things. I tend to believe them :)

I can't forget mentioning my passion for photography, I'm also a photographer, I enjoy photography a lot. You can check out my pictures at www.sweetestmemories.com

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