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And Rick got the Pink slip!

    If you're not aware of the term "Pink slip", it means, someone got laid off. They were fired or "Tfannash" as they would say in the Gulf area.

    Rick, my cross-dressing, retirement age, depressed, single neighbor was handed his pink-slip last week. The poor man was 1 year away from retirement, now he doesn't know what to do

    After working for 30 years at his company, waking up at 3AM to be on site by 4AM. He, along with at least 3 million other Americans are now jobless, in what appears to be, the greatest depression since the great depression.

    Let me tell you this, the situation is so bleak, that you really can't start to imagine the real dimensions of this global catastrophe, trust me, this tidal wave is heading OUT from its epicenter in the industrialized world and it will swipe away more than we can imagine

    No matter where you are in this fragile world. Strange though, Depression in both meanings is spelled the same way!

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    Impending Disaster?

    I was flipping through the few Arabic channels that we get over here and landed on Dubai Satellite TV as they were showing the economic report. Everything appeared peachy and profits are up from the same quarter last year (2008)

    The problem is that you don't need to listen to the government run TV station to realize that there is a huge discrepancy in the story here. The world knows that this economic crisis is large, deep and far reaching. There's no escaping it! No matter where you are

    Even if you were in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. So is there a disaster in the works?

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    God got me laid off!

    It sucks when your whole existence is reduced to being a single digit in a government statistic! On the desk of some official or in a journal online.

    Seriously though, it would have taken an act of God for me to leave my job. But in all frankness, it wasn't doing me any good; too much stress, too little appreciation. Even worse, I think I was getting depressed not seeing an end to the very frustrating situation.

    Then, I was told that I'm being laid off, just like millions who lost their jobs everywhere...

    I left my building where I've spent the last 10 years of my life, with a box of worthless memorabilia of how great I helped make that company...

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    Allah got me fired (2)

    As I said, it had needed an act of god to get me to leave my job. A job filled with pressure, stress, under-appreciation, daily fire-drills, being blamed for everything, not having time to scratch my head, buried under tons and tons of endless nags from worthless incompetent "bosses", oh and 4 bosses to satisfy, bad pay, hopeless outlook and absolutely no way out?

    What's not to love!?

    Apparently God has other plans for me...

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