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To die for one's people

    is a great honor

    To live for one's people

    Is an even greater honor

    -- Star Wars, the clone wars (Animated)

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    Could any article survive forensic inspection?

    I got an interesting Ad on my blog today from for a pro Israeli "donations" to your favorite Israeli "charity". Just out of curiosity, I decided to investigate a little bit more...

    What I found was interesting. It's what everyone has been saying all along, but this time it's from the "other" side... First check this out...


    The so called "Honest" uses nothing less than scare-tactics to influence and MAKE the new liberties and freedoms into the dark ages with inquisition like crusades against anyone who dares speak in any capacity against Israel. Which sparked the idea, could ANY article in the world, survive forensic inspection? I know many will, but the second you mix influential, rich people behind the opposition. You can cast doubt on anything under the Sun.

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