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Best advice you can ever heed

    Just don't be mean

    Fighting for life

    There are a few videos that show some pragmatic-dogmatic junior leaders in the resistance assuring that they're striving for martyrdom (look up: death). While this is part of the resistance, [dying for the cause], it's ultimately NOT what any resistance movement really wants or have as its final goal.

    What many don't get is that people are fighting for their own life. For their very existence, and that of their families and loved ones.

    These people need to get educated, that although Martyrdom is a great honor. Living to enjoy your success might be more rewarding. Especially for people close to the deceased.

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    Synchronize your life

    If you've had to share files, pictures, music, favorite radio stations or -whatever- recently you, have probably received them through this AMAZING new technology that has been -literally- long overdue. But in this connected world. There is no such a thing as too late... This Amazing video (check the awesome MacBook Air in it), shows how you can simply and easily synchronize (and simplify) your life

    And that's how it's been for us for the past few weeks with Microsoft live Mesh. Oh by the way, this service is FREE! Not a promotion, not a trial. It's totally and completely FREE!

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    It's more likely that the universe doesn't exist

    So live your life and enjoy God's bliss.

    In fact, If you're a Muslim, you're actually ASKED to Live and Enjoy your life. Not only that, but to enjoy every day as if it was your last.

    Scientifically speaking, the probability of the universe existing is far less than it not existing. It's scientifically documented that it's improbably that energy and matter can spontaneously come to existence.

    Let alone matter existing, combining, making larger-cooler matter, compounds, molecules, interacting with other molecules, creating stars, galaxies, planets, and more complex matter, then spawning life, not just any life, but life that grows, flourishes, combines to become multi-cellular and grows and diversifies to the point it eventually and out of no where, has a spark of intelligence. In fact, enough intelligence to question the very essence of this universe and how it came to exist. This is so highly unlikely that most evidence proves that we, seriously, should not exist! If it wasn't for a very LONG and interesting set of coincidences.

    Coincidences, is God's way to remains anonymous. (Albert Einstein)

    Humans have a tough battle. We know, and can sense -almost- everything on our planet, we can visually see few light-years away, and few hundred light years away using radio astronomy. We think we understand parts of the creation. Unfortunately, we really don't. At least not yet.

    In this one million page book of the universe, we have barely seen the first ink-dots of the first letter of the Title. It's hard for us judge this book when we have not finished even the name of this book

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    Have you ever imagined human life as being parasitic? Not only human, but life in general, appears to be parasitic and overwhelming nature with "unnatural" chemicals eating away of planets, and consuming natural resources, and later on polluting nature as we pump tremendous amounts of chemicals into nature and causing it to suffocate and die. Although, death is an attribute of life only.

    But we can still consider planets, and stars alive as they do appear to go through cycles of what constitutes life.

    How do you define life? That's a very difficult concept to define...

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    Distinction of humans

    Perhaps the only thing that truly differentiate humans from Animals is, the desire to enjoy things, and have fun. Just consider all our senses. With animals surpassing us in just about any individual ability, humans turned just about every sense into a joyful endeavor.

    Take taste for example. Science tells us that Humans are not unique in having taste buds. In fact, some animals might be more sensitive to taste. But only humans would reshape the basic needs from pleasant, unpleasant and indifferent to create an Olympic championship of tasting and savoring different taste. Not only that but marvel at the ability to reproduce such complex mixtures and cooking methods (basically physical and chemical processes that alter the taste of food to enhance certain flavors, suppress others, and transform food to a completely different properties)

    The same applies to just about everything. Humans appear to add a level of vanity to just about everything they do, say or experience. We are probably the only creatures to have "fun" with our food. Don't get me wrong, taste might have been very essential in the early history of humans to distinguish between what's edible and what's not. It might have meant the difference between life and death. But now, it's only being used as an indulgence, not survival.

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    10 things you shouldn’t do on your first day at work

    Samer posted a cool video on the top 10 things not to do on the first day at work, I think I can come up with a more updated list

    So Top 10 things you should never do on your first day at work.

    1. Do not access your Facebook account

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    There are things that are just simply stronger than others...

    Life is stronger than death, even though both are facts of life. But a new life proved to be stronger than a recent death. That's what kept blinking in my mind as I saw the dramatic effect my daughter had on everyone who was devastated by the loss of my father in law.

    She was their morphine, she calmed everyone down. Her aura just lit up the whole place. Just for being there!

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    Passing tests

    It's been a long time since I last sat down, and took an test. Last night, I got a jolt of confidence as I passed what I can describe as the first of a long series of tests that I'm going to be sitting for.

    I was the same old me, excited to answer, impatient to find out the result. But the adrenaline rush still tastes the same way. Exhilarating!

    I know what some say, "What the heck, is he talking about taking a test or Skydiving?". To some people like me, it's pretty much the same.


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    Happy birthday little princess

    It's amazing how the days pass. Just a blink of an eye ago, you were born, and changed this world for ever with your first heartbeat.

    Today, you turn three, bringing more joy and happiness to my life than I ever thought my little heart can enjoy.

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