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A new twist on an old scam

    Remember the Nigerian scam where someone would send you an email promising riches beyond your wildest imagination just for helping him get some money out of a trapped account? Well, these folks have not died, but their techniques sure have evolved. Here's the latest incarnation, playing on the very foundation of Islam and being good...

    ==== Actual message bellow =====

    Asalamalekum Dear Friend,

    I got your contact email through your country global international network and after going through your contact, my spirit tells me to contact you to assist me to build mosque in your country because i have promised Allah that i will build a mosque in any of the Arab land and i have now make up my mind to build it in your country.

    My Name is Mr Ibrahim Ahmed, i am working with the American government.this is a little about me for now and i will tell you more about me as soon as you respond to me.

    Lastly, i will want you to make inquiry of how much it will cost to buy a land in a good site in your country and as well, how much it will cost me to build the mosque and then you get back to me immediately.

    Hoping to hear from you soon,

    Best Regards,
    Mr Ibrahim Ahmed.


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    ازمات هوية

    الأحداث الأخيرة في سوريا. خلّفت قطبية شديدة في المواقف، من مؤيّد الى معارض. من لاعن ابو امريكا الى من بقصد او بدون قصد وجد نفسه في خندق واحد مع الأفكار التحررية. و ان كانت هذه الأفكار ليست حكر على الغرب. الا انّها في الأونة الأخيرة اصبح الغرب هو راعيها الأول لأنها تتفاطع بشكل اساسي مع مباديء الديمقراطية

    لكن انفصام الهوية شيء مرعب. من اناس تنتقد بشدة للدول الراعية للديمقراطية ... لكن ترتمي بأحضانها بدون ادنى درجات الحياء

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