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Your easy job!

    For some reason, everyone thinks everyone else's job is WAAY easier than theirs.

    After a friend of mine decided to be nice to the Janitor, appreciating her hard work, and how tough it might be to be in her shoes. She fired that silly remark, "Your job is easy"

    For the most part, comparing apples to apples or calories to calories, my friend's job is way easier. However, it took him 22 years of education, a marriage and a full head of hair to get to where he is today. Not to mention depression medication, stress pills and the rest of his daily cocktail of drugs just to get him to work.

    I don't want to be the one who belittles any job. We need them all. We should appreciate them all. No matter how insignificant our self glorifying brains makes us think. If a job was easy or not needed. It would have disappeared already.

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