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if it's not hard!

    It's probably not worth doing!

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    There are two types of people....

    There are those who are always stuck on details

    And there are those who only care about the big picture

    Both suck!

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    To die for one's people

    is a great honor

    To live for one's people

    Is an even greater honor

    -- Star Wars, the clone wars (Animated)

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    Don't be humble

    Don't be humble, You're not that great!

    I would say, simply ... Amazing!

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    Great Ideas

    Great ideas don't discriminate based on position, Social status, or experience. Neither do bad ideas.

    No one is immune to foolishness.

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    Pick your fights

    In this life, you'll have many things to fight for, many are very worthy. Others, well not so worthy.

    Take my advice, pick your fight, not everything is worth fighting for. Even some that are worth it, you want to be extremely picky when you engage them.

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