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Who would you like to buy today?

    Everything is for sale! Yep, that's one of the grown-up facts that we try not to think about! But it's true!

    Apparently, Google is in gearing up to devour the tweety little twitter birdie, from the very same folks that brought to you, (and sold to Google) Blogger. Do these guys ever run out of stupid ideas that make billions? [Stupid here is not being used negatively, but rather with great admiration]

    Rumor has it that Facebook tried to guy twitter for ... drum roll... Half a BILLION dollars. But that didn't work. But it's really dumb from both sides. WHY would Facebook buy something they already have? Remember those annoying status updates? That's Twitter for you FB! Tsk tsk tsk ... shame on you!

    So in 140 letters or less tell me, What are you buying today?

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    Tweet this, tweet that!

    Alright, due to the insane popularity of Twitter, I had no choice but to add the ability to tweet your favorite articles straight from this blog.

    Now you can "Tweet this", for any article you like (it's that little blue t button below)

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    @Qwaider back to it's rightful place

    Someone decided to "squat" my name on Twitter, little did they know that it's against the terms of use. But that's not how Twitter support proved to be stellar! They responded in due time and cleared everything up. Now, the name @Qwaider is with its rightful owner

    Sure, I had to send a photocopy of my driver's license, last 4 paystubs, 3 electric bills and confirm through an SMS message. But at least they responded and, get this, evicted the person who was squatting my name on Twitter. How much better would this get?

    Well, it got even better. The change was seamless, painless and my followers didn't even notice a thing. They're now just following me!

    Did someone steal your Twitter name or any other identity? Have you felt that someone has impersonated you? Don't just stand there, do something about it. Contact support and just as you can see it works, it really works!

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    QwaiderPlanet Tweeter-er

    Not to be passed by the overwhelming flood of Tweets, I decided to write a little service to automatically send all articles on Qwaider Planet to followers on Twitter

    @ToAll Just check it out @QwaiderPlanet

    This is still an early beta, so bugs are all over... Hopefully not that many though

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    Remember what I said?

    It came through, again ...

    Just to recap:

    My money is on an online service that lets you update your stupid status for all the voyeuristic morons who want to get updated on what you are doing in the bathroom. oops, there I go again, read all

    And, yep ... It came true, from No one other than Microsoft Live, check it out... The holy grail of social media tools. One status, anywhere you go, fro messenger to facebook, to twitter ...

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    Latest developments

    So, @QwaiderPlanet, tool is officially in Beta, so you can follow it. With a lot of provisions in place to prevent flooding, handle faults, etc. It's completely automated and is doing a pretty good and stable job so far.

    Under the hood, QwaiderTweets (The application), keeps track of all the links it generates on Twitter, and counts the exclusive hits (value that it adds) which is pretty interesting. I might create a specialized analytics page to show this soon (Vote?)

    But the real value is for Qwaider Planet blogs that don't have a fancy Wordpress plug-in to re-tweet their posts, these folks are getting the added boost for free. A +1 for Qwaider Planet as a community aggregator.

    I also added Link shortening as a "first class citizen", so all links look the same way, using the same API and land at the end of the tweet (like?) truncating the title of the posts (which I assure you was no easy arrangement, since some like'em really really long)

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    10 things you shouldn’t do on your first day at work

    Samer posted a cool video on the top 10 things not to do on the first day at work, I think I can come up with a more updated list

    So Top 10 things you should never do on your first day at work.

    1. Do not access your Facebook account

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    Qwaider Twitter v0.2

    Ok first a little history!

    Few weeks ago, I finished QwaiderTwitter, it worked great until something catastrophic happened, and I lost my code. That meant that I had to start from scratch. That's why I couldn't make any updates for the little application. Worse, twitter changed something few days ago that caused major issues. A rewrite was a must...

    Today, QwaiderTwitter v0.2 goes live. It's not an update really, it's a complete rewrite. It took this long because, well, when you rewrite your working prototype, you try to avoid all the issues you fell in the first time. Anyway, things are looking better.

    Of course, I didn't want this to "just" be a rewrite to reach the same kind of features, so I went one step further and added couple of features, hopefully you'll like them.

    [Follow @QwaiderPlanet]

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    Supporting Jordanian Media | @QwaiderMedia goes live!

    Following @QwaiderPlanet tweeter, I decided to expand the franchise to include other forms of Media. Currently @QwaiderMedia follows JordanTimes, Alrai and Sheehan in near real-time.

    Go ahead, follow, and spread the word

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    On twitter followers...

    Does the total number of followers even mean something or another? Does it mean that you're a better or more esteemed "Tweep?"

    Sadly, and shockingly, I just received an email from an "entity" that will remain anonymous... Boasting that number on my face

    I had to look and see who these thousands upon thousands were... For an English service with a face could barely spell, let alone write proper English or provide clear punctuation, I just couldn't help but dig!

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