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And #Osama bin Laden is dead

    It's been almost ten years since the infamous terrorist attacks against the World Trade center twin towers in which Osama bin Laden has been prime suspect and alleged mastermind. Frankly, I didn't believe he had the means or the know-how to do it then. I still don't think he did it today.

    But today it's not about what I think happened, or who to blame. Today it's announced by President Obama that Osama bin Laden, the number one person on the American most wanted list is dead.

    I guess Americans can finally sleep better at night, could they?

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    Resistance dreams

    Israel has started its ground offensive against the Palestinians in Gaza. Morals are running high among the people resisting the oppression and the aggression.

    Areal bombardment continues while heavy infantry is heading into the Gaza strip.

    One can't but wonder, is this a new Jineen? Are we looking at another, worse massacre than we have ever seen before?

    Is there any way anyone can cover up for Israel? I guess in the world that justifies the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. No one would have any shame left in their face to face off with Israel and tells them to Stop this madness.

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