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The weird side of homosexuality

    Things I don't get, no matter how hard I tried to rationalize...

    First, I'm not against homosexuality, I believe everyone is free to make that a choice and I don't want to get in discussions regarding that being a choice or not. I think it is. And I will not change my mind about it (Just like priesthood where people choose to be celibate)

    I'm also all for giving rights to homosexuals. Even allowing them to get married. But not adoption (Just I don't agree to give such a right to single parents). I think it's a job that needs two people. One male and one female.

    What I also believe is that if someone has gone through transgender operation, then he/she becomes the new gender. And gets the full rights (and obligations) of the new gender.

    Now with my disclaimers out of the way, (since this is one topic that simply can't be written without a lot of disclaimers), here comes my thoughts..

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    Reason 2345432 why homosexuality is a choice

    If certain people can fight with their demons for a life time and never have sex...

    So can people who enjoy homosexuality

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    Jordanian puzzles

    1. Those who get it, don't talk about it. Those who don't, brag about it day and night. What is it?
    2. Those who supply it, deny it. Worse, they accuse people of it. What is it?
    3. If you can't drive, you would:
      a. Blame the car manufacturer?
      b. Blame the roads?
      c. Blame your Wasta
      d. All of the above?
    4. If you know nothing about something but everyone says it is great you would:
      a. Recommend it to people like it's your dad's company
      b. Brag about it to people you don't know
      c. Look down at people who are not using it
      d. All of the above
    5. For Jordanian guys. If a girl never smiled in your face you would
      a. Tell all your friends how she slept with you
      b. Tell all her friends how she begged you to sleep with her
      c. Brag about having her AND dumping her on the same nigh
      d. Tweet about your amazing encounter with her last night
      e. All of the above

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    On gays, lesbians and bisexuals in the mainstream media

    I was going through last season of House, when an episode caught my attention on what I can describe as social hypocrisy, in favor of being politically correct with Gays.

    However, this specific concept defies logic. No matter how you look at it!

    In the episodes, the characters were all trying to convince a "reverted" gay man, that he is gay. While he was fighting to explain to them that he is NOT gay. He was trying to get married, and apparently loves his fiance. But no matter what he did, he just couldn't convince anyone.

    The justification why everyone wanted him to "be honest" is that he will live a miserable marriage.

    Fair enough, but ...

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