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في هذا العالم

    ان لم تتعلم من محبيّك

    اجبرت على التعلم من كارهيك!

    نجاح و فشل

    مش كل واحد ناجح او غني بالضرورة يكون حرامي! و مش كل واحد فاشل او فقير يعني بالتأكيد شريف!

    Simple men

    Men accept illusions knowingly, because sometimes even the real thing is just an illusion.

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    There are two types of people....

    There are those who are always stuck on details

    And there are those who only care about the big picture

    Both suck!

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    Great Ideas

    Great ideas don't discriminate based on position, Social status, or experience. Neither do bad ideas.

    No one is immune to foolishness.

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    Woman's age...

    Is a closely guarded secret because...

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    On believers...

    Believers are not "trapped mind" to be liberated, trapped souls with no guidance, ignorant humans with no knowledge, "closed minds" sinking in the ocean of the dark ages, or simply were born believers and don't know better...

    Most of the modern day believers are people who choose to believe.

    Denying people this choice, is the epitome of tyranny. Ridiculing THEM because of it, is as bad as any other form of racism and the complete opposite of all modern liberties

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    في النساء

    مجنون من اعتقد ان نهاية الجدال اعتذار امرأة، فنهاية الجدال لا تتبع سوى اعتذار الرجل خصوصا ان كان على صواب

    Difference between junior and senior

    The difference is knowing what to do, when you don't know what to do!

    Drilling holes

    Would you just take my word on something?

    If someone drills holes in your argument, or in your work. Or if they point out to you things you missed, forgot or didn't even think of. Don't think badly of them. They're might not be doing this to belittle or undermine you or your work.

    They might just be trying to help.

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