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Distinction of humans

    Perhaps the only thing that truly differentiate humans from Animals is, the desire to enjoy things, and have fun. Just consider all our senses. With animals surpassing us in just about any individual ability, humans turned just about every sense into a joyful endeavor.

    Take taste for example. Science tells us that Humans are not unique in having taste buds. In fact, some animals might be more sensitive to taste. But only humans would reshape the basic needs from pleasant, unpleasant and indifferent to create an Olympic championship of tasting and savoring different taste. Not only that but marvel at the ability to reproduce such complex mixtures and cooking methods (basically physical and chemical processes that alter the taste of food to enhance certain flavors, suppress others, and transform food to a completely different properties)

    The same applies to just about everything. Humans appear to add a level of vanity to just about everything they do, say or experience. We are probably the only creatures to have "fun" with our food. Don't get me wrong, taste might have been very essential in the early history of humans to distinguish between what's edible and what's not. It might have meant the difference between life and death. But now, it's only being used as an indulgence, not survival.

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    What's better than being right?

    It's well known in research, that people will rarely resist something right. Anything that is clear, and straight forward is always appealing and "easy" to transmit to the audience.

    There's only one thing that's way more important....


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    Silence of the Lambs (not the movie)

    I keep hearing amazing quotes on how Silence is the best answer, the best response, serves the greater good and how it is the best answer to ... oh just about anything from shouting and anger and perhaps even epilepsy!

    Quite frankly, I'm not fond of all these pacifist approaches to resolving conflict. A more direct approach [shouting?] might serve the purpose faster, and specify how and why someone is upset with something.

    However, I do admit, there are few cases where silence is really the best answer, but they are all stem from the same origin, a point of power, or a post of authority.

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    I've realized long ago that many conflict represent nothing more than failure to listen, properly phrasing the message, or correctly representing the idea or a combination of the three.

    The sender, receiver and the content can all have points where the meaning can actually fail to travel from one mind to another.

    I guess, a definition of "Communication" is the process of transmitting data from one mind to the other. Regardless of the medium or the language. Communications are a greater concept than the method, or underlying protocol being used to ensure inteligible ideas are received with fidelity.

    The consequences of failure at any of these three levels can catastrophic! At least historically that has been the case.

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    Are you capable of forgiving?

    I know I am one of the people who is capable of forgiving, oh just about anything.

    Perhaps it's due to long term memory loss, or a matter of me just keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Where, in the grand scheme of things, most conflicts can be resolved with time.

    However, I have seen people who are simply incapable of forgiving. No matter how long it takes. Once you land on the other side of the fence, you have fallen out of grace for good!

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    When people don't care...

    "You know people don't care when no one bothers to correct you"

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    Did anyone tell you before that you're and idiot?

    The fact of that matter is not all that important here, what is important is ...

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    Pick your fights

    In this life, you'll have many things to fight for, many are very worthy. Others, well not so worthy.

    Take my advice, pick your fight, not everything is worth fighting for. Even some that are worth it, you want to be extremely picky when you engage them.

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    Your blind spot

    "Every frame of reference has a main focus as it's greatest strength. It's inherently it's greatest weakness as everything else becomes a blind spot."

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