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The significance of the 5 prayers

    Some of my friends call me, "closet Islamist". I guess there's no use getting out of the closet. I am what I am, and completely by my choice. Not forced, or brain washed into it.

    There are certain things in this life that we sometimes have to take on "faith". We really don't know why, and for the remainder of this article the main idea is me trying to reason why prayers in Islam are divided in the way they are. However, this is not approved or endorsed by any Islamic fatwa, nor does it convoy any justification or ideas to find work-arounds.

    A while ago, I was pretty strapped for time, I had to accomplish so much with so little time. So I ran a little experiment. It's really not all that scientific since a sample of 1 can't really be extrapolated or generalized, but I think at least for me, it worked.

    The experiment was to create a work metronome.

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