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#Osama: I am number Four (Picture)

    The cover of TIME magazine for tomorrow shows Osama Bin Laden with a huge red X on top his face.

    Osama Bin Laden Red X

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    Our problems, and our self censorship

    We have a problem

    Over the past few years, many Arab bloggers have been detained, prosecuted or harassed by their own countries. Worldwide, bloggers have been fired from their positions or had charges thrown at them by the companies they work for.

    Many started to self censor their articles. Not only to make them better suited for the masses. But also for the red eyes watchful eyes of the "security" agencies around the world.

    What this clearly means is simple. We have a problem. A HUGE problem, it's bubbling underneath. Sooner or later it will explosively erupt and explode spilling out lava rivers of issues that continue to be pending resolution or even consideration.

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