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Schizophrenia Emails

    For some odd reason. The same people who are polluting my inbox with tons of religious "Miracles" and less controversial "spreading the blessings" emails. Are the very same people sending me extremely hot emails with pornographic content, naked women, and "funny" clips of guys undressing women in the street as a "Joke" and running away

    I really can't help but wonder, what goes through the minds of my friends (and relatives) who send me these things? How can the two extremes reconcile and coexist at the same time in the same brain

    The only answer was, schizophrenia!

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    On twitter followers...

    Does the total number of followers even mean something or another? Does it mean that you're a better or more esteemed "Tweep?"

    Sadly, and shockingly, I just received an email from an "entity" that will remain anonymous... Boasting that number on my face

    I had to look and see who these thousands upon thousands were... For an English service with a face could barely spell, let alone write proper English or provide clear punctuation, I just couldn't help but dig!

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    #Starbucks to sell alcoholic drinks, prostitution to follow

    In an effort to diversify their losing business of burned petrified wood sold as top shelf Java, Starbucks has ventured into the wonderful land of producing alcoholic beverages.

    With that, Starbucks follows the steps of drug companies in selling upper and downer substances at the same time. It's going to be interesting to see a double shot espresso laced with rum or tequila.

    Way to go Starbucks. While you're suffering record losses in the US (Along with the ailing cigarette companies) you're enjoying record sales in backward third world countries. Thanks to the lovely brain washed crowds thinking that Starbucks has any flavor. Other than burned petrified charcoal.


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