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On making mistakes, and fixing them

    To err is human, to forgive is divine

    I'm only human, and I make mistakes just like everyone else. However, being in the awkward position that I'm in right now. There are certain mistakes that I simply can't afford to make. Not only that, but certain rights and liberties that I can no longer practice.

    I consider myself a responsible member in the blogging community, however, that doesn't allow me to free myself from my human shell, my human tendency to make mistakes. Although, the world looks a little more forgiving towards junior members, and with a lot more scrutiny to others.

    Let me be candid on this one, no aliases. No insulations.. I made a mistake, and it was simple, I abused the power I have, there is no politically correct way to say this. I screwed up! I disappointed myself before anyone as I really hold myself to a high bar. But this time, I screwed up!

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    Three strikes system, Vote now!

    Hey folks...

    Recently, a number of people have expressed concern over the quality and type of articles being posted on Jordan Blogs and Qwaider Planet. Therefore, I decided to reach out to the readers and democratically establish some new rules. This is the first one of these

    How it works...

    1. Majority wins, as simple as that.
    2. The vote is completely anonymous
    3. Anyone can cast their vote.
    4. ANYONE can host it on their site, if they have any interest in influencing this democratic process

    It only takes one request to get included. It will take way more than that to get removed...

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    مدونات الأردن ... تعود اليكم

    بعد جهد جهيد... وانقطاع اشهر طويلة ... تعود اليكم مدونات الأردن Jordan Blogs

    لعل وعسى ربنا ينفخ في روح هذا المجتمع ... و يعود مثل سابق عصره .. 

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