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    Seriously speaking, I can eat Mansaf every single day.

    Mansaf, if you're wondering is the staple national dish of Jordan. It's comprised of emulsified-sun-dried-yogurt in a meaty broth (usually Lamb, but can be beef, goat, camel or chicken) Ordered by Ewwness factor from the most authentic to the least non-Jordanian

    The dish is simple, the Mansaf (as stated above) is loosely sprayed over a plate of rice sprinkled with fried almonds, pine nuts and sometimes raisins with a hint of parsley.

    But even though it's easy, and traditionally it's cooked by men (Men still claim their Mansaf to be far superior to that of women), you'd hardly find a single guy who has enough patience to actually do it. I know I have done it in the past,  but it was very time consuming.

    But thanks to the wonders of Marriage, (look-up "Domestication"), you can only imagine the look on my face when I opened my lunch box to find, yes yes ... Mansaf!

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    It's true, bloggers make the best radio shows!

    I'm not sure if this is a trend or something, but from the looks of it, bloggers appear to be proficient at other forms of expression. Namely radio shows

    The examples are abundant,nasimjo, Mohammad Omar, Bashar, Osama, and recently the hilarious crew of one of the funniest Arabic sites 3alarasi.

    Frankly speaking, I think every single one of these good folks have done a fantastic job.

    But, I can't help my self reminiscing over one of the earliest, and most well done jobs I've ever enjoyed few years back. It was probably the very first show that was broadcast by Jordanians. Not only that but give credit to the hilarious great work of JameedKast. With two of the funniest guys behind it. Iyas and Lait Majali(Jemeed, and Bataranzi) (Sadly, JameedKast is no more)

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