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Simple reasons why the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty is just 7iber [ink] on paper

    Was the treaty performed through elected government?

    Does the king represent all Jordanians?

    Would it provide for anything more than JUST removing the justification for Israel to invade Jordan?

    Has similar justifications EVER stopped Israel?

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    Breaking News: Jordan waves annulling the peace treaty with Israel

    Jordan government appear to have heard the millions of voices asking and pleading to kick the Israeli Ambassador out of Jordan and to annul the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty in an amazing turn of events.

    That's not all, the Jordanian Ambassador to Israel Ali Al Ayed appears to be in a mandatory "vacation" in Jordan.

    Are we going to see the light at the end of the tunnel for Jordan?

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    The Three-State Option

    This is long, but my commentary will be interleaving this article... If you're interested. This is what King Abdulla II of Jordan was talking about when he mentioned a plot against the Palestinian people. However, it would be surprising that the Jordanian Monarch is only warning against this. Since such actions requires Jordanian's direct involvement... But this can't happen without "cleaning up" the last pockets of PLO and Hamas. Who better than Israel to take care of the dirty laundry

    The Three-State Option

    By John R. Bolton

    War in the Gaza Strip demonstrates yet again that the current governance paradigm for the Palestinian people has failed. Terrorists financed and supplied by Iran control Gaza; the Palestinian Authority is broken, probably irretrievably; and economic development is stalled in Gaza and the West Bank. Palestinians are suffering the consequences of regional power struggles played out through them as surrogates

    This is too simplistic to fully encompass the origins of all this conflict and how the occupation has fueled all the violence. It also fails to mention that Hamas is the only democratically elected government, and that the Palestinian Authority is Hamas now

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    To add insult to injury... Joe the Plumber heads to Gaza!

    Apparently, the credentials for Foreign correspondent have fallen sharply these days ...

    Election superstar celebrity Joe the Plumber (who turned out not to even be a licensed plumber) is heading to Gaza to cover the violence there and -surprise- the Israeli officials are pretty excited to have him.

    (CNN) – Joe Wurzelbacher: Plumber. Campaign celebrity. Foreign correspondent?

    ‘Joe the Plumber’ is headed overseas to try his hand at covering the conflict in Gaza, Wurzelbacher’s publicist Thomas Tabback confirmed to CNN Wednesday.

    Wurzelbacher plans to spend 10 days in Israel reporting on the conflict for, a Web site run by conservative media outlet Pajamas Media.

    The famous plumber will be focusing on the Israeli perspective on the situation. "It's tragic, I mean it really is,” Wurzelbacher told CNN affiliate WNWO “I don't say that in any little way. It's very tragic, but at the same time what are the Israeli people supposed to do.”

    Wurzelbacher told WNWO he’s not worried about the potential dangers of his new gig. "Being a Christian I'm pretty well protected by God I believe. That's not saying he's going to stop a mortar for me, but you gotta take the chance,” he told the CNN affiliate.

    “Israeli officials are very excited to have him,” Tabback told CNN.

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    On making mistakes, and fixing them

    To err is human, to forgive is divine

    I'm only human, and I make mistakes just like everyone else. However, being in the awkward position that I'm in right now. There are certain mistakes that I simply can't afford to make. Not only that, but certain rights and liberties that I can no longer practice.

    I consider myself a responsible member in the blogging community, however, that doesn't allow me to free myself from my human shell, my human tendency to make mistakes. Although, the world looks a little more forgiving towards junior members, and with a lot more scrutiny to others.

    Let me be candid on this one, no aliases. No insulations.. I made a mistake, and it was simple, I abused the power I have, there is no politically correct way to say this. I screwed up! I disappointed myself before anyone as I really hold myself to a high bar. But this time, I screwed up!

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    BAJD: Blog About Jordan Day 2009

    It's hard to believe that it has been a year already since we last had our first Blog About Jordan day. It was one of the most amazing and successful endeavors I've every undertaken. I couldn't have felt any more pride than that day. It was one amazing festival. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm, it was just wonderful.

    It's that time of year again. March is is the month of Blog About Jordan day. March 12th to be exact. This year it's going to be even more spectacular than last year.

    "This blog is proud to participate in Blog About Jordan day activity"


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    Blog About Jordan Day Widgets ready

    Hi everyone

    The widgets for Blog About Jordan Day for 2009 are ready. You can pick them up from here

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    Wordpress Blog About Jordan badges available

    As promised, Blog about Jordan II Badges for Wordpress are now available. Please update your links

    BAJD: It's time for action! Calling all Jordanians

    Only five days left for Blog About Jordan Day II, and it's time for Action!

    Jordan might not be your own country. Or your homeland. It might be your neighbor. It might be the country of your friends or distant relatives. However, it is a part of your world, and for that every Jordan loving person should take a moment to take some action in support of Blog about Jordan day. Regardless of our views, regardless of our ideas, and regardless of our personal feelings towards anything other than this effort.

    This is the time where we all stand together in solidarity, forgetting all our differences and focusing on one thing and one thing only...

    Our love for our country

    This year, I hope to see Queen Rania among the people Blogging or Vlogging about Jordan. Yes, it's what we do all year round. But this day, is our special day on the vast blogosphere.

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    Three strikes system, Vote now!

    Hey folks...

    Recently, a number of people have expressed concern over the quality and type of articles being posted on Jordan Blogs and Qwaider Planet. Therefore, I decided to reach out to the readers and democratically establish some new rules. This is the first one of these

    How it works...

    1. Majority wins, as simple as that.
    2. The vote is completely anonymous
    3. Anyone can cast their vote.
    4. ANYONE can host it on their site, if they have any interest in influencing this democratic process

    It only takes one request to get included. It will take way more than that to get removed...

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