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On rumors, Google acquisitions, and uninspired Arabs!

    Arabs ...

    Somehow, we have been conditioned to think that we're imbeciles. Stupid and have nothing of value other than natural resources that we only recently discovered ways to excavate (thanks to the advanced west) and get ripped off while trading.

    It's absolutely sad to see such ideas circulating among the "promising" youth in the Arab world. It's like failing even before having a problem to solve!

    But we do have a problem. A major problem actually.

    We're consumed in either live in denial of how backward we really are. Or we completely put ourselves and everyone else down thinking that there's no hope!

    Then there are those who think computer is only the Internet, and therefore anything that is worth investing in, is a "Website"

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    Who would you like to buy today?

    Everything is for sale! Yep, that's one of the grown-up facts that we try not to think about! But it's true!

    Apparently, Google is in gearing up to devour the tweety little twitter birdie, from the very same folks that brought to you, (and sold to Google) Blogger. Do these guys ever run out of stupid ideas that make billions? [Stupid here is not being used negatively, but rather with great admiration]

    Rumor has it that Facebook tried to guy twitter for ... drum roll... Half a BILLION dollars. But that didn't work. But it's really dumb from both sides. WHY would Facebook buy something they already have? Remember those annoying status updates? That's Twitter for you FB! Tsk tsk tsk ... shame on you!

    So in 140 letters or less tell me, What are you buying today?

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    Just what the world has been waiting for! Another search engine

    For god's sake, don't we have ENOUGH search engines? Isn't it clear who the winner is? Well, now we have a new contender


    No not kidding, it's Bing, as in "Chandler Bing".

    Chandler Bing

    It's one letter short of "Binge" and that's something that the web appears to be heading for. Is there such a thing as Search Binge? Yes, it's called too many search engines!

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    Ok so I was wrong about Bing!

    I've been trying Bing for a few days now, and quite frankly, it's been doing a great job. I really didn't expect it at first, but I am seriously getting what I need when I'm searching.

    At first, I was off to try to give it a spin, just to see if it's worth all the fuss. Couple of days later I found my self doing it without even thinking about it. But here's the interesting part, I was getting the results that I've grown to expect, EVERY TIME! A huge leap forward in my opinion.

    So I admit it, I was wrong...

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    Google wave, not making any splash anytime soon

    I've seen so many people, so eager to get an invite to the new thing that is going to change the face of the internet... Again!

    Turns out, there's nothing really worth the hype! Not a thing!

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    Free phonecalls, thank you Google!

    If you have been following me, long enough, you would know that I'm the last person to jump on bandwagons of idiotic brain farts from anyone (A dictionary picture of Brainfarts should show Google Wave)

    But this time, I think the almighty Google are on to something. HUGE, as amazing and impactful as Gmal. Remember what Gmail did? It brought the whole concept of Free Email to the rest of the practical world utilizing fantastic new technologies (at the time) like Ajax and offering serious storage with a whopping 5 GB at a time when the next best thing (Hotmail and Yahoo mail) offered a suffocating 2MB. Crap, my non-digital watch has more space than that!

    Soon after, everyone followed. Yahoo, Microsoft and just about anyone able to compete with true Mega services with Millions, and Gigabytes per user storage.

    Now, Google makes the rest of the Computer world appear foolish, yet again, with Google Voice...

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    Google DNS, friend or Foe?

    Anything that has to do with Google, somehow ends up translating to being Fast, speedy or quick. Which are all good. People demand more speed. Faster responses and lightning fast communications.

    Somehow, Google "discovered" that DNS is the bottleneck here and therefore they decided to, well, speed it up.

    So what is DNS? (Domain Name System) is one of the fundamental internet services that converts the friendly-human-readable-names (like to the geeky-computer-understandable-IP address of the server which hosts a specific service. In short, it's like a phone book directory of the internet. It associates easy to remember names to easy to forget numbers.

    So is this a good thing? Or a bad thing? Let me explain both sides, but trust me. If you're a conspiracy theorist, this is a feast you won't want to miss!

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    Kiss your ipod goodbye

    The days of portable music devices are numbered. But they're not the only gadgets that are marching steadily but surely to the shredder.

    These devices came at a time of great technological convergence. They narrowed a gap between the old and the new. The old being analog music devices and the new being the ultra new portable wearable computers. For that, many generations had to be developed and many had to go, bye-bye.

    Don't get me wrong, the iPods are not completely going to disappear. But this whole market is going to shift and evolve as technology gets cheaper, smaller and better. They will be eventually as small as a MicroSD card. With everything on a single little chip that can be hooked up to anything.

    But what is this "anything" that is in such a position to take on the world?

    Microsoft, ehm, Zune, pay attention please since this concerns you!

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    Here's why I want to work for Google...

    Google Confirms Employees Have 'Google Phone'

    Google confirmed Saturday that their internal developers are using an unreleased Android based phone, as contradictory rumors about a "Google Phone" flew back and forth across the Internet.

    On an official Google blog, vice president of product management Mario Queroz said that Google employees are using "a device that combines innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on Android," but that this phone is "exclusively for Google employees," not for consumers.

    Unlike other brain-farts, this one is actually pretty darn good!

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    50 Google wave invites up for grabs!

    Need an invitation to Google's latest brainfart em, Google Wave?

    50 are available ... Let me know if you're interested

    I guess since everyone is sharing... I might do so too...