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The Jewish professor

    Just about every term, I come across someone who flunked a very easy subject, with the very same excuse..

    "The Jewish professor". It became sort of a given that Jewish professors are going to make you fail the class. Not the fact that he doesn't even know how you look like because you hardly show up.

    And not the fact that these students hardly studied or know anything about the very simple subject!

    "The dog ate my homework" sounds like a good excuse now, doesn't it?


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    My thoughts on entrepreneurship, and common delusions

    Entrepreneurship: It is the new buzz word in our part of the world. It's all over the place. In the news, on the blogs, events and activities and just about everywhere

    But what is missing from this picture is far greater than what is being communicated.

    The truth is, 9 out of 10 businesses end up failing within the FIRST YEAR. Some people cite innovation as a way out of this. But innovation alone own isn't enough. I can give many example of major companies who focused mostly on innovation and ended up barely able to compete.

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    There are stupid products, then there is Hug-e-gram!

    If you are looking for the complete definition of #FAIL, look no further

    This is worst commercial and worst product EVER.

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    #Starbucks to sell alcoholic drinks, prostitution to follow

    In an effort to diversify their losing business of burned petrified wood sold as top shelf Java, Starbucks has ventured into the wonderful land of producing alcoholic beverages.

    With that, Starbucks follows the steps of drug companies in selling upper and downer substances at the same time. It's going to be interesting to see a double shot espresso laced with rum or tequila.

    Way to go Starbucks. While you're suffering record losses in the US (Along with the ailing cigarette companies) you're enjoying record sales in backward third world countries. Thanks to the lovely brain washed crowds thinking that Starbucks has any flavor. Other than burned petrified charcoal.


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