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Science proving miracles?

    I just finished two interesting documentaries aired on the Discovery Channel and the BCC last month. These are no hocus pocus programs going over myth, miracle and magic to explain the unexplainable. These were very scientific and very well documented features going into details and examining biblical stories (also in the Quran) and going over the historical evidence and scientific proof that supports the "plausibility" of such miracles.

    The two I watched were Sodom and Gomorrah (قوم لوط) and Exodus. With great deal of detail scientific scrutiny. Taking into account the historical side, scientific side and even the social side. The results were astonishing to say the least

    Now, I'm not saying these discoveries are going to make a believer out of everyone. But what they provide in Miracle has some bases in scientific fact, in that sense, Holy books becomes historical testaments on historical events that at least some people saw the hand of God in action. But skeptics who refuse miracles without explanation (like myself) can be satisfied that "God" doesn't just make things happen with no reason. In my view God wouldn't violate the laws of Causality that he himself have created. Or that's what I believe

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    Religulous, Bill Maher at his worst!

    If you know me, you'd know I LOVE Bill Maher, his anti-religion jokes are fantastic. For the most part they are very funny. Taken at face value they appear true.

    Last night, I decided to watch Religulous, I've had the DVD next to the TV for at least 5 month. Wify has been upset that I didn't return it to Netflix yet. She has a point you know.

    Anyway, I decided to finally watch it, I never used to miss a single episode of Real Time with Bill Maher until I unsubscribe from HBO.

    Anyway, I was shocked at the poor Michael-Moor-ish docu-comedy. It was pathetic! Not even that it was way worse than pathetic, it was completely bankrupt.

    Bill Maher appeared to find the least likely subjects for his interviews, and then go ahead and mock them. I'm not sure what he was trying to prove, but he was exactly like the wannabe-bully picking up a fight with the smallest kid in class while dodging the big guys so he won't get a bloody nose

    And when someone proves him wrong..... Then they're either liars, or ignorant!

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