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Science proving miracles?

    I just finished two interesting documentaries aired on the Discovery Channel and the BCC last month. These are no hocus pocus programs going over myth, miracle and magic to explain the unexplainable. These were very scientific and very well documented features going into details and examining biblical stories (also in the Quran) and going over the historical evidence and scientific proof that supports the "plausibility" of such miracles.

    The two I watched were Sodom and Gomorrah (قوم لوط) and Exodus. With great deal of detail scientific scrutiny. Taking into account the historical side, scientific side and even the social side. The results were astonishing to say the least

    Now, I'm not saying these discoveries are going to make a believer out of everyone. But what they provide in Miracle has some bases in scientific fact, in that sense, Holy books becomes historical testaments on historical events that at least some people saw the hand of God in action. But skeptics who refuse miracles without explanation (like myself) can be satisfied that "God" doesn't just make things happen with no reason. In my view God wouldn't violate the laws of Causality that he himself have created. Or that's what I believe

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    Simple men

    Men accept illusions knowingly, because sometimes even the real thing is just an illusion.

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    Amazing video, worldwide Air flights around the globe

    This is one of the most amazing videos I've seen, it proves why we -humans- as a species need to seek out new planets for settlement as we have totally taken over this one

    You can download the high quality video here: Windows Media Player Quicktime Player (via zhaw

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    Stop making ME feel guilty about Gaza!

    I already drowning in remorse over what's going in Gaza, I'm already feel like crap and had Gaza dominate everything I say, do or feel for the past week.

    I know that's nothing compared to the suffering of a single person over there. May god be with them. I also don't find solace in donating to them. It's not my get-out-of-guilt-free card. I did donate some and have been for many years. I never stopped.

    My mother donates what is equal to 20% of her monthly income to people of Gaza. She has been for that past 40 years or more.

    I already feel it, I already know that there's nothing that we can do that would make a difference, especially here, 10,000 miles away from it all in the safety of our homes. That's why I will not be participating in a local demonstration against the atrocities being committed by the Israeli army against women, children and civilian population of one of the most bloody and most densely populated 20Km of land on the face of this planet. Gaza strip

    And I was informed yesterday, that my cousin's brother in law was killed there.

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    Resistance dreams

    Israel has started its ground offensive against the Palestinians in Gaza. Morals are running high among the people resisting the oppression and the aggression.

    Areal bombardment continues while heavy infantry is heading into the Gaza strip.

    One can't but wonder, is this a new Jineen? Are we looking at another, worse massacre than we have ever seen before?

    Is there any way anyone can cover up for Israel? I guess in the world that justifies the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. No one would have any shame left in their face to face off with Israel and tells them to Stop this madness.

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    Simple reasons why the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty is just 7iber [ink] on paper

    Was the treaty performed through elected government?

    Does the king represent all Jordanians?

    Would it provide for anything more than JUST removing the justification for Israel to invade Jordan?

    Has similar justifications EVER stopped Israel?

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    Breaking News: Jordan waves annulling the peace treaty with Israel

    Jordan government appear to have heard the millions of voices asking and pleading to kick the Israeli Ambassador out of Jordan and to annul the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty in an amazing turn of events.

    That's not all, the Jordanian Ambassador to Israel Ali Al Ayed appears to be in a mandatory "vacation" in Jordan.

    Are we going to see the light at the end of the tunnel for Jordan?

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    Breaking news: Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

    If you're using a keyboard.. Say your final goodbyes

    Just imagine, no more Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Imagine, no more frustration with finding the right key. Imagine a world without the dreaded ... Keyboard! Just imagine the world without Keyboards, mice or anything else that stops you from uleashing your productivity!

    If you're computer came with a Keyboard. You're not that cool! You gotta love Apple's ingenuity! They're really out of this world

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    The Three-State Option

    This is long, but my commentary will be interleaving this article... If you're interested. This is what King Abdulla II of Jordan was talking about when he mentioned a plot against the Palestinian people. However, it would be surprising that the Jordanian Monarch is only warning against this. Since such actions requires Jordanian's direct involvement... But this can't happen without "cleaning up" the last pockets of PLO and Hamas. Who better than Israel to take care of the dirty laundry

    The Three-State Option

    By John R. Bolton

    War in the Gaza Strip demonstrates yet again that the current governance paradigm for the Palestinian people has failed. Terrorists financed and supplied by Iran control Gaza; the Palestinian Authority is broken, probably irretrievably; and economic development is stalled in Gaza and the West Bank. Palestinians are suffering the consequences of regional power struggles played out through them as surrogates

    This is too simplistic to fully encompass the origins of all this conflict and how the occupation has fueled all the violence. It also fails to mention that Hamas is the only democratically elected government, and that the Palestinian Authority is Hamas now

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    To add insult to injury... Joe the Plumber heads to Gaza!

    Apparently, the credentials for Foreign correspondent have fallen sharply these days ...

    Election superstar celebrity Joe the Plumber (who turned out not to even be a licensed plumber) is heading to Gaza to cover the violence there and -surprise- the Israeli officials are pretty excited to have him.

    (CNN) – Joe Wurzelbacher: Plumber. Campaign celebrity. Foreign correspondent?

    ‘Joe the Plumber’ is headed overseas to try his hand at covering the conflict in Gaza, Wurzelbacher’s publicist Thomas Tabback confirmed to CNN Wednesday.

    Wurzelbacher plans to spend 10 days in Israel reporting on the conflict for, a Web site run by conservative media outlet Pajamas Media.

    The famous plumber will be focusing on the Israeli perspective on the situation. "It's tragic, I mean it really is,” Wurzelbacher told CNN affiliate WNWO “I don't say that in any little way. It's very tragic, but at the same time what are the Israeli people supposed to do.”

    Wurzelbacher told WNWO he’s not worried about the potential dangers of his new gig. "Being a Christian I'm pretty well protected by God I believe. That's not saying he's going to stop a mortar for me, but you gotta take the chance,” he told the CNN affiliate.

    “Israeli officials are very excited to have him,” Tabback told CNN.

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