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Call for action: Jordanians against Honor Killings

    Let me be completely frank with you, I'm not a lawyer, and I don't know the specifics of the Jordanian (or any Arab) law against so called "Honor" killings. But I know one thing. Rights are not bestowed by royal decrees. Although, those help, or hinder sometimes.

    What I know is that we as people need to all come together and start something. A campaign, a demonstration to protest the unjust, inhuman, and extremely degrading dishonor killing pardons that are spelled out in the law. It's time for action

    I'm POSITIVE, I'm not the first to call for such action. And I'm positive I'm not going to be the last. I'm also positive that this campaign should be carried out, online and offline. In shops, streets, radio stations, on billboards, on sides of buses, in social gatherings, in TV ads, during cigarette breaks, in weddings, funerals, churches, mosques, collages, universities and schools. Focus on that last part the most. We need to educate people. In all possible ways.

    Isn't it time for all of this to end? Why are we waiting for divine, *cough* royal *cough* intervention to protect our daughters, sisters and mothers. To protect our future generations, but most importantly, to protect the innocent from the looseness of the law which allows people to walk away from paying judge, jury and executioner based on mere suspicion?

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