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    I've realized long ago that many conflict represent nothing more than failure to listen, properly phrasing the message, or correctly representing the idea or a combination of the three.

    The sender, receiver and the content can all have points where the meaning can actually fail to travel from one mind to another.

    I guess, a definition of "Communication" is the process of transmitting data from one mind to the other. Regardless of the medium or the language. Communications are a greater concept than the method, or underlying protocol being used to ensure inteligible ideas are received with fidelity.

    The consequences of failure at any of these three levels can catastrophic! At least historically that has been the case.

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    Cutting the internet!

    After noticing that the kids are spending a lot of time online. A friend of mine decided to go through a social experiment with his household. He decided to just cut the internet so he can have some quality time with his wife, and kids. 

    This is going to be an interesting experiment, and worth keeping an eye on.

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