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I hate Captcha

    And yet again, my hate for Captcha has been realized in what is clearly a "breakthrough" that hackers managed to achieve against the STUPIDITY of Captcha.

    (I use it because I absolutely have to and only after ALL other data intelligence that I perform when collecting comments fails)

    But Captchas are stupid! They are stupid BY DESIGN.

    Ok, enough ranting. Now to some information.

    Apparently, some hackers managed to crack the latest and greatest hotmail Captcha. Have you seen it? It's MAD in its complexity. But, yet again, it was broken, and trust me. So have EVERY POSSIBLE CAPTCHA you have seen online.

    Why Hotmail? Because despite Gmails success, it's still #1 trusted Email source (conditions aren't that much better at Google by the way. Spam is just all over the place) My Gmail account is totally overrun by spam and I never even use my Gmail account for anything!

    Read all of I hate Captcha