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BAJD: It's time for action! Calling all Jordanians

    Only five days left for Blog About Jordan Day II, and it's time for Action!

    Jordan might not be your own country. Or your homeland. It might be your neighbor. It might be the country of your friends or distant relatives. However, it is a part of your world, and for that every Jordan loving person should take a moment to take some action in support of Blog about Jordan day. Regardless of our views, regardless of our ideas, and regardless of our personal feelings towards anything other than this effort.

    This is the time where we all stand together in solidarity, forgetting all our differences and focusing on one thing and one thing only...

    Our love for our country

    This year, I hope to see Queen Rania among the people Blogging or Vlogging about Jordan. Yes, it's what we do all year round. But this day, is our special day on the vast blogosphere.

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    BAJD: Supporting our homegrown efforts

    For a small country of 6 million people. Jordan doesn't fall short in creativity, having broad and very bold visions. Striving to take a place among the stars in a sky that is becoming exceedingly crowded.

    It would have been a bit easier to achieve these bold vision had we -as Jordanians- supported one another, and initiatives regardless of how or who is taking the time and effort to do something that helps this country.

    In fact, if you're Jordanian, you're most likely to find more acceptance and appeal outside Jordan than inside it. With the exception of the Royal family which is mostly supported unconditionally. Possibly for very good reasons (like fear or hypocrisy), but never the less supported by the majority.

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    BAJD: The Star

    Thanks to Hatem for pointing BAJD coverage by the amazing Ebtihal Mahadeen (Who also covered Bajd for GlobalVoices Online) has been also echoed outside the blogosphere on the pages of printed material. The Jordanian weekly Newspaper (The Star), published by Jordan Press & Publishing Co (Addustour) has run this nice article about BAJD

    Here's where you can read the whole thing:(You can zoom in and out, and drag around to see other parts of the images)

     I have it in this format so people can actually enjoy reading the print like they would a newspaper, however, if you would like to read the full text, follow this link

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    Happy blog 4 Jordan day #B4JO

    It's been years, and I won't allow this one to pass without proper respect!

    Blog about Jordan Day

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