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How to commit social suicide

    Social media, and social engineering are the new frontiers for people who are seeking to virally appeal to the masses. It helps people on small budgets have global reach way beyond their actual size.

    Additionally, people can be as large as their dreams take them. Anyone can be an overnight hit, anyone can reach unprecedented levels of fame. Many enjoy these moments and spend the rest of their life savoring this "success".

    But there are those who feel that the only way to stay in the lime light is to start fabricating news. Or picking up some imaginary friends (or enemies) and simply fighting these windmills, tirelessly!

    For example, take the -once promising- ArabCrunch. Despite the big hype behind it and how it was going to change the world (for some), it barely brought anything note worthy. Other than something like the Yahoo-Maktoob deal. Possibly due to internal connections. But other than that, there was nothing important or even interesting that you couldn't find on other services like, say Startup Arabia.

    The idea is, if you have a mediocre technology blog that is struggling to barely exist, make some news, or even perhaps the headlines of some yellow third class papers and you get your fame back.

    Or so some people think!

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    Selling out to the CIA

    Dear friends and readers,

    The times are tough, and the blogging business no longer able to sustain my very expensive habits. Therefore, I decided to take the latest offer from the CIA and sell out everything I have about ArabCrunch to them.

    I did received 2 other offers from the Jordanian Intelligence Directorate (JID) and from the Mossed, but the most generous offer was from the CIA. I couldn't turn it down. The offer was too hard to resist, so I had to sell out all the information I have about ArabCrunch.

    Oh for god's sake...

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    Stop Cyber-Bullying against ArabCrunch and Ghaith Saqr

    Folks, this has gone too far. This is not how things should go.

    Granted, Ghaith is mentally unstable and completely paranoid. Or perhaps he's playing a game of some sort. But to find people creating accounts on Twitter under the name "Kill Arab Crunch" is flat out cyber bullying and bordering on hate speech.

    This is not acceptable and shouldn't be allowed in any way, shape or form.


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