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Breaking news: Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

    If you're using a keyboard.. Say your final goodbyes

    Just imagine, no more Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Imagine, no more frustration with finding the right key. Imagine a world without the dreaded ... Keyboard! Just imagine the world without Keyboards, mice or anything else that stops you from uleashing your productivity!

    If you're computer came with a Keyboard. You're not that cool! You gotta love Apple's ingenuity! They're really out of this world

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    Free phonecalls, thank you Google!

    If you have been following me, long enough, you would know that I'm the last person to jump on bandwagons of idiotic brain farts from anyone (A dictionary picture of Brainfarts should show Google Wave)

    But this time, I think the almighty Google are on to something. HUGE, as amazing and impactful as Gmal. Remember what Gmail did? It brought the whole concept of Free Email to the rest of the practical world utilizing fantastic new technologies (at the time) like Ajax and offering serious storage with a whopping 5 GB at a time when the next best thing (Hotmail and Yahoo mail) offered a suffocating 2MB. Crap, my non-digital watch has more space than that!

    Soon after, everyone followed. Yahoo, Microsoft and just about anyone able to compete with true Mega services with Millions, and Gigabytes per user storage.

    Now, Google makes the rest of the Computer world appear foolish, yet again, with Google Voice...

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    Kiss your ipod goodbye

    The days of portable music devices are numbered. But they're not the only gadgets that are marching steadily but surely to the shredder.

    These devices came at a time of great technological convergence. They narrowed a gap between the old and the new. The old being analog music devices and the new being the ultra new portable wearable computers. For that, many generations had to be developed and many had to go, bye-bye.

    Don't get me wrong, the iPods are not completely going to disappear. But this whole market is going to shift and evolve as technology gets cheaper, smaller and better. They will be eventually as small as a MicroSD card. With everything on a single little chip that can be hooked up to anything.

    But what is this "anything" that is in such a position to take on the world?

    Microsoft, ehm, Zune, pay attention please since this concerns you!

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