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    Seriously speaking, I can eat Mansaf every single day.

    Mansaf, if you're wondering is the staple national dish of Jordan. It's comprised of emulsified-sun-dried-yogurt in a meaty broth (usually Lamb, but can be beef, goat, camel or chicken) Ordered by Ewwness factor from the most authentic to the least non-Jordanian

    The dish is simple, the Mansaf (as stated above) is loosely sprayed over a plate of rice sprinkled with fried almonds, pine nuts and sometimes raisins with a hint of parsley.

    But even though it's easy, and traditionally it's cooked by men (Men still claim their Mansaf to be far superior to that of women), you'd hardly find a single guy who has enough patience to actually do it. I know I have done it in the past,  but it was very time consuming.

    But thanks to the wonders of Marriage, (look-up "Domestication"), you can only imagine the look on my face when I opened my lunch box to find, yes yes ... Mansaf!

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    Awesome Idea for new year's Eve in Jordan!

    The party is going to be at 1st circle. For a moment here we can consider it Jordan's Time square!

    This awesome idea sparked on Humaid's blog, and echoed by Nas on the Black-Iris

    Thoughts and festive ideas are welcome of course.

    Amman 2010 New year's celebration

    I am telling you if I was in Jordan, that's where I will be taking my family to spend the new year's eve.

    Here's my "Idea contribution": Get some fireworks, and organize a night to remember at the 1st Circle!

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