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On being a m7ajabeh (wearing the veil) in the U.S.

    I am a strong believer of the 7jab (veil) and I wear it proudly. I knew I would have some difficulty when I came to the U.S. especially with all the distorted views most Americans have of Muslims. I prepared myself for the stares that I knew I would definitely get. Wherever I go, whether it's to the mall or a restaurant, I know I will turn a few heads. I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes I just can't!


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    I'm back!!

    I know I haven't been writing or even visiting other blogs for a long time, but a lot has happened in my life. I'll briefly give an update.

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    Visiting the elderly

    The Action committee, which I am a member of, is a group of people joined together for a common goal, which is to help those in need.  


    Today the Action Committee visited an elderly home in Marj Al-7amam. Not just any elderly home, one where the residents had mental problems and disabilities. We decided to visit them since we heard that they are really neglected and are in need of some company. We had lunch with them, drank coffee, played games, danced with them, and we even sang together. It was so fulfilling to see the smiles on their faces. To see them happy and to know that you are a reason for that. It felt really good. I'll admit that at first it was painful seeing them in the state that they are in. It's really sad, especially since most of them are helpless. Some of them can't walk while others can't even feed themselves.


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    Home is where the heart is (BAJO)

    I remember when we first came back to Jordan in 1995, there wasn't even a McDonald's. My brother, sister, and I were so mad at our parents for bringing us back here. We had been living the in U.S. before, and Jordan seemed like hell to us. There were no all-English teaching schools and our Arabic skills were very weak. All we wanted was to go back to the states, we hated it here. Come on, no McDonald's?! Not even burger king! That was a big deal for us. We had been used to the many American brands that did not exist in Jordan. We eventually adapted and accepted Jordan as our home. We were very young back then. I was actually born in Jordan and so was my sister, but we spent our childhood growing up in the states.

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    Say good-bye to blackheads!

    I'm sure you've all tried the numerous ways to get rid of blackheads, but the truth is, they never really work. I personally hate them. The good news is I found a solution to blackheads. Believe it or not, here it is:


    1 egg yolk
    1 teaspoon of starch
    half a lemon

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    The hardest thing

    In exactly 6 months, I'll be getting married. I'm excited and looking forward to it, but there's just one thing that's constantly on my mind. I just can't absorb the fact that I'll no longer wake up and see my family everyday. To be specific, my mom and dad. No actually, it's my whole family. I'm really attached to them, especially my brother and sister. If a day passes by where I don't see one of them, I feel like something is missing.

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    so simple, yet so sweet!

    Shortly after I woke up this morning, I went back to my room only to find my 7 year old brother almost done making my bed. I couldn't help but smile and I asked him "What are you doing?" he replied " I'm surprising you by making your bed because you gave me a surprise yesterday".

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    How rude!

    One of the subjects I'm currently taking in university is Strategic Management. Our class has been divided into a number of groups and each group has to do a field research on one of 3 Jordanian companies. My group has been assigned to Royal Jordanian Airlines. So my team mate and I went to their office today and I can't believe how we were treated.

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    Highlights, eyebrows... what's next?

    As I was looking at the guy standing in front of me today, I couldn't help but notice that his eyebrows were done! Sadly, it's not the first time I see a guy who has his eye brows are done. It seems to be the new fashion for guys. I personally find it disgusting!

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    Compliment or insult?

    A lot of people assume I'm very young, like in my teens. It happens all the time. When people find out how old I am, they have difficulty believing it. Although I'm not that old, I'm 21, but people always think I'm much younger. It used to bother me a lot while I was growing up, but now I know it's a blessing to look younger than my real age. I know I'll appreciate it later on in the future. It's fine by me, it's not a big deal or anything, but some times I get offended!

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