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« البشامل نقدم لكم ولا فخر.. المسخن »

Just my luck

  • By: Qwaider

  • On:Sunday, May 14, 2006 1:14:24 PM
  • In:Thoughts
  • Viewed: (6644) times

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    Rated 4.6/5 stars (220 votes cast)

    The strong and upcoming Lendsy Lohan continues to struggle with her career, or does she?
    6.5/10 on the Sam scale

    My honest feelings about this movie are quite mixed. On one hand it makes you feel good. On the other the amount of fiction is suitable for a different age group than the target audience.

    What strikes you first is how grown up Lohan has become, she's no longer the little innocent tean you're used to. And I can tell she's got weight issues she's struggling with but she manage to keep them all under control. What I'm affraid of is that Lohan is going to grow up to be another "Sarah Jessica Parker".

    The movie does feel like "How to lose a guy in 10 days" but Kate Hudson functions at a much higher caliber than Lohan, at least fot the time being.

    Frankly, Everyone did a better job acting this movie than Lohan, she was "nice" but everyone else was either cuter, or better actors! I guess when you're not as famous you have to work extra hard to be noticed. "Samaire Armstrong" and "Brie Turner" kick ass, With the later totally overshadowing Lohan in every scene they're together. She just feels like a more mature actress!

    The sound track is probably the only thing to feel lucky about. These McFly kids sound really good. (Kinda remind me of some of the folks I hang out with, Kerrick, John and Dominic and Dusty you guys are as good as these ... keep on doing it).

    Anyway, The movie starts kinda slow, swirls into a premature climax and fizzles off after that. But is nevertheless entertaining and funny (sometimes).

    My recommendation, a mediocre chick flick like this might appeal to your significant other, you might have to suffer through the 103 minutes but I guess that's the good news :) it's only 103 minutes.

    Suggest a Tuesday night DVD rental when there's nothing good on TV.