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Google/Blogspot warning!

    Are you on blogspot? Is your favorite blog on Blogspot!?

    Well, there's this rumor circulating in the Egyptian blogosphere that Google is closing down people's Gmail accounts and Blogs without prior notice.

    I'm not sure of how accurate this is, but I wonder if it's going to catch up and spread!

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    Blogging Disappointments...

    I am starting to think that we [bloggers/readers] are holding other bloggers in such high esteem to the point that we really forget how arrogant, egotistic and stupid they really are.

    Can you think of the negative things about blogging? Let me help you explore the darker side of blogging..

    Mandatory disclaimer!
    Folks, this doesn't mean that EVERYONE as in EVERYONE is like this. However, I can't hide my disappointment in so many

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    Qwaider Planet - Third year

    Today marks the launch of Qwaider Planet. It's been two years already and it's still going strong. Faithful to the original idea of brining readers to blogs, and blogs to readers.

    Many bloggers have achieved star status, mainly because they were great writers and maintained their blogs and readers. With or without Qwaider Planet's help. But I like to think that Qwaider Planet has played a role in that.

    Along with Jordan Blogs, GirlyGator. Qwaider Planet continues to serve this community that is thriving and exploding with vitality.

    Every single day, I wake up, super excited to see what is new. From people all over the blogosphere. Eager to open my mailbox to see who else is requesting to join, it's been one of the most amazing feelings I've had in my life. To have the honor to serve this community and help spread "our" culture to more people.

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    1 down 77,000 to go!

    One of the most interesting things one of my spammers was doing is actually object to the fact that he's a spammer! A feature I added for legitimate users to be able to unblock themselves in case my Qwaider Shield decided it's a bad user.

    The interesting thing is that this guy was going out of his way to spam. I mean really out of his way. The way he kept objecting (and annoying me) lead me to add a new feature to Qwaider shield not previously available. Specifically for people who abuse accessibility features like the ability to object

    178 spam attempts later... the guy just quit!

    Who said you can't stop spam by making them lose hope?

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    If you really wanna speak your mind!

    Then don't tell your friends about your blog!

    It's plain and simple, having your friends frequent your blog means one thing. If you want to keep them, you really can't speak your mind.

    I really miss the good old days when we were young and speaking our minds was really an option. Now, there's so much social makeup that needs to be maintained so all the prima donnas don't feel insulted by our original "thoughts"

    Speaking of inflated egos, did anyone stop someone in the middle of praise and said, "actually, I don't deserve that, and you're only trying to fool me into liking you"?

    I doubt anyone ever did that!

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    Ten things you just can't blog about!

    I was watching an episode of The Big Bang theory. One of the funniest shows on TV these days. When Penny, the hot sexy neighbor is furious at her boyfriend who has talked about their sex life on his blog. Soon enough, her sister, her mother, and the rest of the people she worked with took notice of her boyfriend's blog and she felt more exposed by that blog than that time she was at Subway.

    Even though it's common sense for many, I still see the same mistake day in day out on people's blogs. It seems it's not that simple after all

    So here's a list of things that really should not be blogged about

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    How to increase traffic to your blog with a single click

    More blogging tips. This one comes with a tool to help you spread out even more!

    Many of the social bookmarking sites rely on the users to let them know that they have some new content they want to share. Some blogging engines like Wordpress updates a few of these services. While others like Blogspot has Google to spider the sites and make sure the blogs are posted there.

    But Technorati and Google are not the only source of hits a blog can get. They're important, but there are other very important services that can contribute to a considerable amount of traffic

    Check out my 58 service pinger (yes, 58) of the top sites can be reacded through this page.

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    Damn Adsense think I'm G-a-y

    I've been experimenting with ads on my blog, so far, it's been one big hype bubble that is about to burst!

    Turns out, it's all, smoke and mirrors. First, they FORCE specific ads on you. No matter what you say. No matter how many times you tires to tweak Adsense to remove offensive ads. They still come back. I already have more than 40 "banned" sites and the ads with gay, lesbian and other inappropriate stuff are still showing up.



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    What kind of a commenter are you?

    Lets be frank here for a minute, and we'll soon realize that commenter fall in a number of buckets. Some enjoy the exchange some don't but my observations are seeing more and more specific types and people tend to fall into one or more of these buckets. Depending on a number of factors. Like who the author is, and what other people have replied with, but those are the silly subjective personal types, the more mature commentors (these are your treasure if you're a blogger) these commentors actually engage in an intellectual thought dialogue that benefits not only the author, but anyone reading.

    So read along as I break down the types of commenters that visit people's blogs...


    No purchase necessary. Must be 18 or older to read, not valid where its prohibited, must present 4 forms of picture identifications to win, must be resident of planet earth of the homosapien species to participate.

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    Not to brag or anything... but

    I just captured this picture...

    Qwaider Planet 1008

    I know many don't see that in a day, or in a week, or even a month... But on Qwaider Planet, these are active users concurrently online!

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