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Just what the world has been waiting for! Another search engine

    For god's sake, don't we have ENOUGH search engines? Isn't it clear who the winner is? Well, now we have a new contender


    No not kidding, it's Bing, as in "Chandler Bing".

    Chandler Bing

    It's one letter short of "Binge" and that's something that the web appears to be heading for. Is there such a thing as Search Binge? Yes, it's called too many search engines!

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    Like Google doodles? You'll LOVE ShinySearch

    I'm totally in love with this thing. I know search pages (as independent pages) are so 1999. Especially now with toolbars, and little search fields in just about every modern browser. But ALL of them, with no exception are absolutely really old concepts.

    Enter ShinySearch, a new gorgeous twist on the little search page. Check this video to fully grasp the concept

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    The end of an Era: RIP Geocities

    Yahoo finally did it, after acquiring the "Facebook" of its time "Geocities" over 10 years ago for a whopping $4B. It has successfully managed to turn that to a waste land of sites riddled with Phish, malware and exploits.

    It saddens me because I recall my very first site online back in 1996(?) hosted freely on Geocities.

    Without Geocities, free web hosting, or services like free blogging pages that most of us are enjoying these days wouldn't have ever materialized into anything. Yes, that includes you on BlogSpot, Wordpress, Jeeran and any other platform free hosting platform

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    It's finally HERE!

    The long overdue Internet Explorer 8 is FINALLY released

    Today, we’re excited to release the final build of Internet Explorer 8 to the web. It’s now available for download from It’s available in 25 languages, across Windows Vista, XP and Server in 32-bit and 64-bit versions

    -Dean Hachamovitch


    More secure

    IE blocks over a million phishing attacks a month. It also has a huge impact on protecting against malware – our data shows that one in forty users running IE8 have been protected from malware each week. An independent study shows that IE8 protects against twice as many malware attacks as any other browser. IE8 has click-jacking protection, per user ActiveX, cross-browser scripting attack prevention and many other security enhancements that will make end-users’ online lives safer.

    And works! (for real), out of the box, and protects it's users!

    We discovered that users don’t care about why a browser crashes when it fails, they care about getting back quickly to where they were and minimizing downtime. In IE8, we now have tab crash isolation – when one tab of the browser fails, it doesn’t bring down the entire browser

    There are over 1,200 accelerators, web slices and visual search providers out there already today, including Digg, ESPN, OneRiot, Amazon, Sina, TaoBao, and Yahoo.

    Here's where you can get rid of your old stupid IE7 and get IE 8

    (Did I mention that it's free?)

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    I hate Captcha

    And yet again, my hate for Captcha has been realized in what is clearly a "breakthrough" that hackers managed to achieve against the STUPIDITY of Captcha.

    (I use it because I absolutely have to and only after ALL other data intelligence that I perform when collecting comments fails)

    But Captchas are stupid! They are stupid BY DESIGN.

    Ok, enough ranting. Now to some information.

    Apparently, some hackers managed to crack the latest and greatest hotmail Captcha. Have you seen it? It's MAD in its complexity. But, yet again, it was broken, and trust me. So have EVERY POSSIBLE CAPTCHA you have seen online.

    Why Hotmail? Because despite Gmails success, it's still #1 trusted Email source (conditions aren't that much better at Google by the way. Spam is just all over the place) My Gmail account is totally overrun by spam and I never even use my Gmail account for anything!

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    Synchronize your life

    If you've had to share files, pictures, music, favorite radio stations or -whatever- recently you, have probably received them through this AMAZING new technology that has been -literally- long overdue. But in this connected world. There is no such a thing as too late... This Amazing video (check the awesome MacBook Air in it), shows how you can simply and easily synchronize (and simplify) your life

    And that's how it's been for us for the past few weeks with Microsoft live Mesh. Oh by the way, this service is FREE! Not a promotion, not a trial. It's totally and completely FREE!

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    Find out who blocked you

    People for god's sake don't fall for this scam!

    No one, (I repeat) NO ONE can know if someone has blocked you or not, all they're trying to do is take your credentials. Hijack your hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, facebook account and go to town with it!

    Stop being too nosy, you will not get anything out of it!

    (Read more for additional vital information and a free game, no seriously, learn more about Phishing through a game)

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    Site Preview

    I've been so busy, it's not even funny...

    But, in between scheduling very long jobs, I had couple of minutes to tinker with an old idea that I had for a while. Adding little site preview pictures next to the names of people leaving me comments. Think of it like "Gravatar for the websites"

    As far as I know, there's no other blogging engine in the world that has such a feature

    What do you guys think? Good? bad?

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    Yamli search, Search in both languages at once


    Amazing! Brilliant! Visionary! Spectacular! Few words that cross your mind when you start working with the new, amazing interface that Yamli is providing as they aim towards making their page your first and only web page (other than my blog) that you would want to view constantly.

    The new service bridges the old gap of, typing in yamli, then taking it to Google and getting the search results. But that's barely the tip of the ice berg. Since that was available for users for a long time. But not in this level of sophistication

    First, you will get search results in both Arabic and English based on the words you write. As a matter of fact, I find this more relevant than searching for "Al Bidaya Wal Nihaya book" in Arabic or in English alone.

    The results are displayed Side by side, but don't be fooled. Those are NOT the same results, with only a translation. These are the top Arabic, and the top English results on the same page.

    Pretty neat, huh?

    That's not all...

    Yamli Search

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    If you can read this, then your computer is at risk

    Yes, you, reading this. Right now. Your computer has a 98.5% chance of having one vulnerability (or more) as the sobering statistical numbers from the amazing folks at Secunia indicate.

    Earlier this week, Apple announced that they "recommend" installing anti-virus software on their computers (a first), of course running an updated anti-virus is a good idea regardless of which operating system you're running. Mac, Linux or whatever. It might be worth mentioning that Apple has actually retracted this statement, claiming that it's "old news".

    The total number of PCs/users included in these numbers are 20,000, out of these 98.09% have 1 or more insecure programs installed on their PC, hence: 98 out of 100 PCs that are connected to the Internet have insecure programs installed!

    read more here

    Get the Secunia Personal Software Inspector here

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