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Facebook Phone

    I think people love rumors. Facebook as a social network would probably benefit more by staying out of the ensuing battle between RIM, Apple, Google, Nokia and Microsoft. What they probably want to do is get Facebook "client" on every possible platform

    Competition with these folks will not be in Facebook's favor as some might drop or discourage the use of Facebook on their phones.

    Additionally, Facebook is a service company, not hardware. They have their fingers in software development but I haven't seen anything hardware from them.

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    You know your spell checker is dated when ...

    It highlights words like:

    Google (capital or small), come on, Google has been around for at least 10 years.

    Facebook, as odd as it seems, some spell checkers choke on this one too!

    iPhone (or iphone, Iphone), for heck's sake, this name has been floating around since 1996 (the original iPhone was a soft VoIP client)

    VoIP, yeah it's about time! This is not a typo. This thing has been around forever by internet standards

    Nokia, yeah, if spell check flags this one, it's pre-historic!



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    Time to ditch your DSLR

    DSLRs have become so popular in the past 10 years. Many people wonder how they lived before them!

    But, certain advances in cameras are slowly creeping up on the bulky, heavy, awkward, intimidating looking cameras, these wonderful things are rendering these hefty loads almost obsolete. Perhaps not immediately...

    First of all, let me start by saying, DSLRs are not for everyone. Seriously, if you're planning to buy a camera that heavy and bulky, you better think, A LOT, about that decision, and major investment I would add.

    To be completely honest, despite the amazing picture quality of DSLRs, they're a major disappointment to many people. In fact, so many people decide to take classes just to come up to speed with the many and often pretty confusing settings of DSLRs.

    Did I mention how bulky, and heavy they are?

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    New mobile Bing! Pleases!

    Few weeks back, I was so furious with the Bing mobile maps refresh that I stopped using it completely and switched to the far superior Google Maps on the mobile. I was telling everyone how the "new" update made things worse

    Way worse!!!

    But last week, Microsoft released a new edition of Bing with mobile map navigation. An WOW! It doesn't just work great! It beats well established GPS solutions from dedicated GPSes! Just check this video...

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    Is #Google hurting?

    Last night during the super bowl (if you're not versed in American pop-culture, the Super bowl is like World cup for American Football). It's also the time were some of the year's best and most expensive commercials are aired.

    In an interesting twist, Google, the dominant search giant, whose name became synonymous with searching the Internet, aired an interesting commercial, for what I believe is the first time EVER! (I don't recall seeing any commercials for Google search on TV, there were a few for Android, and even Chrome, but not Search).

    However, I have seen interesting (and controversial) commercials for Bing, Ask, Yahoo and a bunch of the now completely forgotten bunch. But never for Google Search, since it's usually the "losers" who try to get some time in front of the consumer eyes.

    I might be reading too much into this but the way I see it, Google appears to be hurting, at it's top game... or is it?

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    Free phonecalls, thank you Google!

    If you have been following me, long enough, you would know that I'm the last person to jump on bandwagons of idiotic brain farts from anyone (A dictionary picture of Brainfarts should show Google Wave)

    But this time, I think the almighty Google are on to something. HUGE, as amazing and impactful as Gmal. Remember what Gmail did? It brought the whole concept of Free Email to the rest of the practical world utilizing fantastic new technologies (at the time) like Ajax and offering serious storage with a whopping 5 GB at a time when the next best thing (Hotmail and Yahoo mail) offered a suffocating 2MB. Crap, my non-digital watch has more space than that!

    Soon after, everyone followed. Yahoo, Microsoft and just about anyone able to compete with true Mega services with Millions, and Gigabytes per user storage.

    Now, Google makes the rest of the Computer world appear foolish, yet again, with Google Voice...

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    Hey Microsoft, Fire this guy!

    Some visionary designer at Microsoft decided that, well, If you decide to remove Exchange from your phone. You should also delete everything you got from that server.

    I mean who would want company property (AKA, emails) to be left on someone's Windows Mobile phone. If it wasn't for the fact that they're already there.

    But why did that STUPID designer decide to DELETE ALL THE CONTACTS from my phone along with the EMAILS? How stupid is that?

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    Google wave, not making any splash anytime soon

    I've seen so many people, so eager to get an invite to the new thing that is going to change the face of the internet... Again!

    Turns out, there's nothing really worth the hype! Not a thing!

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    الإجرام على الإنترنت... الحقونا

    تعددت الأساليب، و النتيجة واحدة. اجرام بكافة اشكاله و بلطجة حقيقية بكل ما تحمله الكلمة من معنى. و للأسف، الحكومات بكافة اشكالها و تطوّرها عاجزة عن اي شيء يذكر في مواجهة طوفان الإجرام العنكبوتي! هذا بالطبع ان نفينا عنها تهمة التواطيء و تسهيل اعمال المجرمين.

    مجموعة جارتنر اصدرت احصائية مفادها ان خسائر البنوك و الشركات من قراصنة الإنترنت عن طريق خداع العملاء بالمليارات سنويا. هذا فقط من خداع العملاء. فتخيّلوا سيل الجرائم على مستوى العالم. من السخام الإلكتروني، الى الفيروسات و برامج الإختراق و حتى التجسس و البرامج "التخويفية" التي تخدع الأفراد عن طريق محاولة اقناهم ان جهازهم مليء بالفيروسات و ما عليهم الا دفع مبلغ بسيط للإشتراك السنوي ليقوم البرنامج بإزالة الفيروسات. (في حين ان الفرد المسكين قد دفع ثمن تحميل برامج ضارة). و في احصائية صدرت مؤخّرا، فقد تجاوزت ارباح شركات البرامج "التخويفية" 34 مليون دولار شهريا! فضلا عن اعادة بيع الأجهزة "المقرنصة" لشبكات بث البرامج الضارة، و نشر المواقع الملقلّدة للبنوك لتقوم بسرقة حسابات العملاء

    و كل ما نعلمه حتى الآن، لا يتعدى قمة جبل الجليد، و ما خفي اعظم

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    Project Natal, it actually WORKS! And how Microsoft can kill the iPhone!

    Yeah, I know the buzz is all around, Natal is a success. But nothing better than Jimmy Fallon demonstrating how it actually WORKs

    And I am getting one FOR SURE, there is no doubt about that! No XBOX360 would ever be complete without it

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