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Top Jordanian start-up looking for top hires!

    The new and Amazing start-up (Wasta Online dot com site is actively seeking new hires for their most ambitious project yet. Wastabook®. A free online matching service that will provide you with a wasta for all your legal needs

    Wastabook® goes beyond the traditional phone call to your favorite corrupt cousin and provides detailed statistics on how good the wasta is, how "heavy" they are at their post, and a historical outlook for their rate of success.

    Wastabook® Will also provide premium service for corporate users with big pocket books to allow them, priority handling, and very "heavy" wasta

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    My promised post about Math...

    Yes, I know, Math is boring for so many people, but what everyone needs to know is that without Math we wouldn't have anything.

    Since this is a blog, and not an academic research facility, I decided to make this more fun, and more illustrated.. There's nothing better than Donald in Mathmagic to get you intrigued.

    So if you like Music, Art, design and games? or just about anything, this is a must see

    here's Part1

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    I can't make this stuff up, even if I wanted to ... check it out...

    1. Toot

    1)Slang for fart
    2)a loud sound
    3)the blast hole on the side of a bong or pipe
    4)To bounce your butt up and down during sexual intercourse
    5)To snort powdery illegal drugs


    1)Frank's toot smelled really bad.
    2)Frank let out a really loud toot.
    3)Frank's toot is plugged.
    4)Francis toot toot real good last night.
    5)Frank can toot like nobody's business!


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    Facts about men (rebuttal)

    So Maioush went ahead and created her list on men, here's a man's response to these mostly false accusations.

    So here, I decided to rebuttal these accusations

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    يوجد سعاد - مع خدمة التوصيل


    Since I call just about anyone So3ad or Sa3eed :) I personally enjoyed this one

    Remember that we lovers - فرق كبير

    LOL ...

    This is a funny one, straight from the streets of Amman

    Remember that we lovers

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    We all fall down!

     Alright, we all fall down at time. And I feel guilty for posting this here and laughing so hard while watching it!

    Why do we laugh when we see someone tripping and falling?

    And one more classic below

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    A must for your iPhone!

    Step right up and get your own personal iPhone condom! But don't stop there, you should use your "Screen protector" with any "foreign" phones. Especially ones that have been "Unlocked" (you don't know where those have been)

    Screen Protector

    I don't know about you, but I'm gonna order me "Extra Large" to fit my, ehm .. Fingers

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    Roba's Planet!!?

    Breaking news:.... Roba hacks Qwaider Planet!

    Roba planet

    What the!!! Roba is hacking Qwaider Planet!!?

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