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The Omen (2006)

    A remake of the original classical horror movie (The Omen 1976)

    From the eternal sea he rises
    Creating armies on either shore
    Turning man against his brother
    Till man exists no more


    7/10 on the Qwaider scale

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    X-MEN III: The Last Stand

    I'm so excited! I watched this movie and I am so glad I did. It's been a while since I've watched something this good!

    Wolverine and Storm

    It's really spectacular, I'm a sucker for huge eye-popping productions with larger than life characters and this one delivers on all of those

    A decent 8.5 /10 On the Qwaider scale

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    "See no Evil", seriously, Don't see it!

    Oh boy!

    Being the horror movie fan that I am,I decided to go watch this movie [See no Evil]..... And boy do I regret it!

    3/10 on the Sam scale


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    The Da Vinci code

    The reincarnation of David Browns best seller, leaves a lot to be wished for .. Most anticipated movie in history, doesn't deliver...

    Also ... SPECIAL .... Secret middle east/Africa launch dates, You heard it right, and you saw it here first!

    4/10 on the Sam scale

    The Davinci code

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    Friday May12th
    4/10 on the Sam Scale
    Is this the next Titanic box office smasher, or a major flop in the pond?

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