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Previewing: Tinker Bell (2008)

    The new incarnation of Tinkerbell is a success in my book. Tinker turns out to be a geek! A tinkerer fairy that has a natural talent to fix, invent and improve. She might not have mastery over the elements but what she lacks in strength she substitutes in brains.

    The movie is the first in four episodes dedicated to fairies. Talking about the journey of Tinker and how she came to be


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    Previewing: Eagle Eye (2008)

    The start of this fall season in the movies is an awesome one! From the amazing Stephen Spielberg along with his new "apprentice" Shia LaBeouf comes a new action movie to eclipse all other conspiracy theory movies. The "Wanted" of conspiracy theories if I may add.

    The movie is so action packed that you will really need to set a reminder to break in and catch a breath every now and them. While at the same time, tapping at all what the US military and government has in secret defence programs in a very dramatic way. Spielberg cracks the illusive action/drama formula and very successfully, that you would be hoping they really don't choose you next!

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    Previewing: Towelhead (2008)

    There are certain movies that make you feel good. There are others that make you feel bad, then there is this movie which makes you feel like shit!

    Pardon my French, I'm not used to saying words like that on my blog. But that's exactly how I felt most of the time while watching this movie. The lady next to me barely saw half the movie due to the extremely explicit content and at least 10% of the audience walked out.

    Towelhead movie poster

    Now, the movie is well made, as good as any great drama you would see, but it's over the top approach to a simple issue is just seriously too much!

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    Previewing: Burn After reading (2008)

    When a movie has George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malkovich and a ton others of the who's who in the Oscar arena it has to be great right?

    ... Wrong!

    I wasn't very excited, or amused when I saw this flick that apparently depends more on the big names packed under it's wings. While lack original laughs or even suspenseful action. Watching this movie was like eating Tofu, completely tasteless and not even coherent most of the time.

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    Folks, I have a decision to make... your help is appreciated...

    Next Tuesday, September 16th. I've been invited to watch two movies, I'm more inclined towards watching Towelhead. I wonder if my readers can help me decide.

    To help you, here are quick notes about the two, let me know what you think

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    How -Traitor- missed the point!

    Of course, every movie that touches Arab or Islamic culture is a special interest to me, I have to check it out and to a certain extent, scrutinize it a bit more than the others

    The movie opens to a scene where Samir (the main character) is praying with his father in Sudan, it was clear that he was the victim of violence that seeps through the Middle East wherever you go.

    The movie gets really slow at times, while the characters develop. Which is fine, but that's not the end of it. It actually makes some very compelling points with only one problem. They're presented using the western understanding of how martyr, Jihad and the rest of the Jihadist-101 terms are defined.

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    Previewing: Disaster Movie (2008)

    This movie is not even worthy of a review, but I'm writing this just as a warning.

    THIS MOVIE IS A PIECE OF CRAP! Don't bother watching it. Not now, NOT EVER!

    Worse than, Meet the Spartans, Worse than Superhero movie.. Worst movie EVER!

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    Previewing: SEX DRIVE (2008)

    I don't think I have ever laughed at a teenage movie about "the good guy" who just wants to get laid! Since ... emm... American Pie! With some unforgettable secondary characters like Stiffler's mom! But, that's ancient history! This movie is as good, if not even better than that! It's so damn hilarious!

    Kids, this one is not for you either, it's rated R, so .. head straight to nick don't pass Go, don't collect $200!

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    Previewing: Hamlet 2

    It was very refreshing that for once, an offensive movie, (and I mean VERY darn offensive movie) is offensive to everyone BUT Arabs! Yeah, it's Comedy crossed with free speech at it's best! Funny, controversial and offensive. But mostly very very funny!

    Just check out this trailer! Hilarious! (And Rated R, so kids, click here)

    - Watch more funny videos here

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    Previewing: Star Wars: The Clone wars

    I was disappointed when the opening theme was a bit different than what I expected. That feeling didn't last much longer. The minute the movie started, it was all over!

    The movie is really fast paced with a lot of action, actually, more action than any other Star Wars movie. Battles, on the ground, int the air, in space, between troops, tanks, Battle-cruisers, star destroyers, Jedi and Sith. The 3D animation is awesome.

    This theatrical release movie followed by a TV series with the same name, and the same kind of Animation, ushers in a new era for Star Wars, a truly expanded Universe!

    Opens everywhere, August 15th.

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