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Greatest scenes in movie history - Godfather

    The contrast of religious icons, church organ and sheer violence all collaborate to make this scene absolutely out of this world one of a kind masterpiece. There's more art in this one scene than in a whole genre of movies. Seriously, this is what movies were meant to be like

    Enjoy this one of a kind masterpiece...

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    Sex and the City ... Of Abu Dhabi????

    Looks like Sex and the City II is set up to be in Abu Dhabi!!?

    I understand Abu Dhabi and Dubai having a reputation for being Sin Cities of the Gulf, but Sarah Jessica Parker Sex and the City!!!!?

    Give me a break!

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    Previewing: Kick-Ass (2010)

    Quite frankly, despite my eternal love for great super-hero movies. For the past few years, I grew sick and tired of them. The flicks just don't have it anymore. Regardless of Batman's great success, or Spiderman's unprecedented sales. The whole genre is becoming more and more boring and pretty predictable...

    Until now!

    Kick-ass is one of those extremely unlikely flicks, with a very great start, deeply rooted into reality and modestly acceptable Comedy/Drama bordering on Action but sticking to the basics of good story telling. Developing the characters, setting the stage for what's to come, setting the expectation, building towards the climax and then ... EXPLOSION! In what appears to be the best progression of a story I've seen in YEARS.

    First a few ground rule, the movie is rated R (In case the title didn't tip you off on that) So make sure, no kids watch this. It's NOT for kids.

    Now, watch this cool trailer, and read the next part of the review below, I promise you will not be disappointed! Promise!

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    Review: Clash of the Titans

    The thunderous voice of Zeus in the scene where he half-turns like Clark Gable in the 1940's and roars: "Release the Kraken" is probably the only thing I'm taking home with me from this movie. Zeus performed by Liam Neeson, who played one of my most favorite characters Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jin in addition to being the voice of Aslan in Narnia. But everything else was pretty much the usual superlative visual effects with ... emm ... emm ... let me get back to you on that.

    Of course, the movie is released in yet again, 3D which brings absolutely NOTHING to drama after just about every movie and his cousin have been released or re-released in 3D. To add insult to injury, there are 3D TVs coming up soon. But I'll spare you my hate speech for another post.

    Of course, it's partially my fault going there expecting to watch "The Odyssey", when what I saw, in-spectacular-3-D was a very flat, 1-D story that's not only predictable. But feels like a Lamborghini with an engine made of a little girl on a tricycle!

    This Trailer, is better than the whole thing....

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    Previewing: Night at the Museum 2 | Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)

    Ben Stiller goes on to build on the success of the first installment of what appears to be a very long and less glamorous sequels.

    The new installment fails to deliver the goods where it counts. Excitement with a little mystery. Especially when the new driving force behind the movie is to raise interest in museums who are suffering immensely under the weight of the economic crunch. With less funding and thrifty visitors. It's been a hard year on Museums.

    No surprise, we had our screening tonight at the Museum of History and Industry. Followed by a fantastic night at the museum using glow-in-the-dark-torch lights courtesy of Daley Devices. (You'll know what I mean when you watch the movie). [Yes, we were allowed to keep the flash light, and it really does glow in the dark]

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    Previewing: Angels and Demons (2009)

    Ron Howard finally redeems his lost soul from the atrocity he committed while directing, The Da Vinci Code

    It's hard to believe that it's been three years since that monstrosity mutilated the masterpiece of clever problem solving and clue hunting between the covers of the Dan Brown super best seller.

    But this time ... He did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do the first time. Focus on the strength of the book. Not the stupid dramatic handling of the story. Screw drama! There's a story to be told here, and this time ... He did it in what I am happy to call a sequel that is WAAAAY better than the original. You don't get to say that often you know

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    Previewing: Star Trek (2009) (Aka Star Trek XI)

    If there is one prequel, in existence that you would watch (outside of the Star Wars prequels) this is certainly it. J.J. Abrams scores top marks for his amazing work on the upcoming Star Trek movie in any and ALL categories you can imagine.

    From being faithful to the legacy of Star Trek, to the intricate and masterful work of the makeup artists. Everything was choreographed in one perfect symphony of masterful direction under Abrams. It's beyond explanation. It's something you have to witness with your own eyes to believe... Yeah ... It's that good.

    Even the goddamn movie poster is out of this world.

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    Previewing: Duplicity

    What do you get when you cross Julia Roberts with Clive Owen in a Mr & Mrs Smith crossed with Ocean 11 flick?

    The answer, A romantic-comedy-thriller.

    Pretty interesting concept

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    The day the earth stood still, brought to you by Microsoft!

    Last time I saw a movie with so much ad-placement for Microsoft, I was watching Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson in the "The Island", with Microsoft Search booths in the street, and a bunch of other Microsoft crap thrown all over the place

    Being the sci-fi person that I am, I couldn't but enjoy movie. But placed advertising was all over the place. Microsoft Laptops (Does Microsoft really make laptops that look like Macbooks but have a vista Logo where the Apple is?), Microsoft Virtual Earth, Microsoft Surface, with some cool (really awesome) simulations running on it (Maioush and me were drooling over one the other day when we visited Microsoft's museum, we want one so badly)

    But seriously, couldn't the dudes have picked a better movie? I mean, I loved it because I'm a hardcore sci-fi person. But even though the movie had a great message. It was easily forgettable.

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    Previewing: Body of lies (2008)

    I'm amused and disgusted at the same time. I mean, on one hand you have an all you can eat buffet of DiCaprio and Russel Crowe on the other, you have the glaring discrepancies in the story, the inaccurate portraying of Arabs (and specifically Jordanians) and the Jordanian General Intelligence Directorate (GID) and missing the point OVER and OVER and OVER. Oh and the same desert scene shot in Morocco, the neighborhoods that have absolutely NOTHING to do with Jordan, Iraq or any where else in the middle east! Maybe Afghanistan in 1986?

    This ongoing stupidity causes the whole move to lose whatever credibility it tries to establish when it shows how the CIA are really bad guys who are not to be trusted by even their own operatives!

    But the coolest part is, yep, the Jordanian GID, outsmarts the CIA and are portrayed as really "doing their job better", in more sophisticated and humane ways. Oops, strike that last part. Humane only half the time!

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