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    The most idiotic thing you can "go out" to eat is a Salad! I mean, there's nothing simpler and easier than making a salad.

    I'm not talking about having a salad as a side. Or chowing it down at lunch since there was nothing left in the vending machine. I'm talking about actually going to a restaurant and out of all the wonderful choices, you pick a Salad!

    If you're one of the people who have done this idiotic act, you need to stop!

    I did!

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    Seriously speaking, I can eat Mansaf every single day.

    Mansaf, if you're wondering is the staple national dish of Jordan. It's comprised of emulsified-sun-dried-yogurt in a meaty broth (usually Lamb, but can be beef, goat, camel or chicken) Ordered by Ewwness factor from the most authentic to the least non-Jordanian

    The dish is simple, the Mansaf (as stated above) is loosely sprayed over a plate of rice sprinkled with fried almonds, pine nuts and sometimes raisins with a hint of parsley.

    But even though it's easy, and traditionally it's cooked by men (Men still claim their Mansaf to be far superior to that of women), you'd hardly find a single guy who has enough patience to actually do it. I know I have done it in the past,  but it was very time consuming.

    But thanks to the wonders of Marriage, (look-up "Domestication"), you can only imagine the look on my face when I opened my lunch box to find, yes yes ... Mansaf!

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    Foods I'm not proud of eating

    I know, I always post about great meals, and savory dishes. But this time, I'm posting about dishes that I didn't enjoy eating, they sucked and I wouldn't eat or recommend them to anyone...

    First, Geoduck (AKA Gooey-Duck)

    This little bastard is chewy, gooey and puke inducing form of sushi. It SUCKS, you chew it and it springs back right into your mouth, it kicks back!  You try to swallow it and it gets stuck half way. YUCK!


    geoduck gooeyduck sushi

    But the worst part is the way it looks ...

    Geoduck for real
    Geoduck (gooeyduck) the world largest Clam

    If you think that was disgusting, wait to see this next one...

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    Middle eastern Chinese

    I love to experiment with food, and this last experiment has been so fantastic that I decided I'm going to share it with you.

    Chinese food has it's distinct taste, so does the Middle eastern cousin. Mix the two and you usually don't have something good to eat. But this time it was amazing!

    Just check the results!

    Middle eastern chinese

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    From Scratch: Dawali (War2 3inab) rolled vine leaves

    Last week, I conquered my Everest, cooking Koosa. I got so many requests (and wishes) to actually try and conquer my "other" Everest. This time it's the much harder Dawali ...

    The best dawali I ever had in my life was done by my sister Samar. She has out done even our mother in stuffed grape leaves.

    Tonight, I've set the bar even higher as I made the best, and I mean THE BEST dawali I've EVER tasted in my whole life!


    And I'm not kidding, or exaggerating

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    From Scratch: Kousa Ma7shi (Stuffed Zucchini)

    Yes, you heard it right! Qwaider has conquered his cooking Everest.... Behold... Kousa Ma7shi from scratch!

    Kousa Ma7shi

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    Qwaider cooks Turkey!

    No, not Turkey the country. Turkey the Bird. Yep!

    Only a handful of my very close friends are actually aware of the big plans for Turkey day.

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    معجّنات .. على صفيح ساخن

    صارلي مدة ما عملت بوستات عن الاكل .. و اليوم .. و بما انّي عملت شوية معجّنات .. قررت .. امتّعكم بشوية صور...


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    Ka3kit nescafe (Nescafe cake)

    I just love this sweet! I make it all the time and it barely lasts more than a day in our house. It's a light sweet that's very easy to make. No baking required!



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    unlucky baking experience!

    While I was chatting with my friend today at around 5:30P.M. she told me that she was hungry and hadn’t had anything to eat all day and that there wasn’t any food at home (she lives alone with her sister). So I told her to come over and have lasagna, but she said she didn’t like it. Then I told her that I was planning on making cookies (Kinzi’s sugar cookies as a matter of fact) and she got so excited. I told her to come over and have some. She said she’d come over in half an hour so I ran downstairs to make the cookies.

    Cace remains

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