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    I was very upset this morning when I got to university only to find out that there was no class, especially since I forced myself to get out of bed this morning. I thought about just going home and ditching my next class. There was and hour and a half left until my next class and I wasn't in the mood to wait, especially since all my friends were in their classes.

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    Ka3kit nescafe (Nescafe cake)

    I just love this sweet! I make it all the time and it barely lasts more than a day in our house. It's a light sweet that's very easy to make. No baking required!



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    Disappointed, frustrated and hurt

    I don't like to talk about people behind their back especially the people I care most about, but this is something I just need to let out. I can't take it anymore! My sister is one of the closest people to me. I tell her everything! We're not only sisters, we're best friends. She's 4 years younger than me, but the age difference is of no importance. She's been there for me through thick and thin and we've been through some tough times together. She's never failed to stand by my side.... until recently.

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    unlucky baking experience!

    While I was chatting with my friend today at around 5:30P.M. she told me that she was hungry and hadn’t had anything to eat all day and that there wasn’t any food at home (she lives alone with her sister). So I told her to come over and have lasagna, but she said she didn’t like it. Then I told her that I was planning on making cookies (Kinzi’s sugar cookies as a matter of fact) and she got so excited. I told her to come over and have some. She said she’d come over in half an hour so I ran downstairs to make the cookies.

    Cace remains

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    People are going crazy! Eid is possibly tomorrow and the streets are raging with crazy people doing their last minute shopping. What were they doing for the past 28 days?!?! Why does everyone wait for the last day to go buy what they need for Eid? It's unbelievable! Don't tell me that their days were spent worshipping God all day long!

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    Random thoughts

    Nothing specific, just random thoughts that are not worth writing a whole post for individually. Just rambling..

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    Truth about marriage

    Married women always tell me to enjoy being engaged as much as I can because it's the best time of your life, even after you get married, I wonder why. Is it because guys treat a girl better during the engagement period since she's not 100% "his" yet? Does he only go as far as he can to impress her and make her happy when they're engaged and then when they're married he doesn't put the same effort anymore?

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    On infidelity

    Some people who are in relationships tend to be unfaithful to their partner. For those who get caught, sometimes they are forgiven and given another chance. Which makes me wonder... should a person who has cheated on his/her partner not be trusted anymore? And if a person cheats once, does that mean that he or she will inevitably cheat again? Do people deserve second chances?

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    No matter what I do, I just can't stop myself from crying. I hate it! I just don't understand why I'm on the edge all the time. Anything will bring me to tears, even if it's not worth it. Even as I write this now.. the tears just won't stop and what's driving me crazy is that I don't even know why I'm crying. I've been like this since yesterday and I told myself i wouldn't blog about this (not so proud of this) but I just feel the need to let it out. There's gotta be something inside that's causing me all this pain.

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    My Idol!

    I can't find the words to describe the feelings I have inside. I don't know where to start. No amount of words would truly show how much gratitude and love I hold for the dearest person to my heart... my mother. I love her with all my heart, I love her unconditionally, and I still feel that I don't love her enough. It saddens me that I only realised her true value a few years ago. Like many people, while i was young and stupid, I saw my mother as the enemy. The person who stood in my way when I wanted to go out with my friends or do the things that young kids want to do. The one who always said NO! Little did I know was that all she really wanted was to protect me and raise me to be the best that I can be.

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