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So dark the con of man!

    Virgin of the rocks

    So I hear rumors of censorship of the new and highly anticipated "The DaVinci Code" movie. And all I can do is wonder

    Some say, it's even going to be banned in certain Arab countries... Davinci logo

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    Inspired by some interesting work by Roba Assi
    Inspired by Ruba

    and Sabri Hakim. Inspired by sabri




    Few days ago I decided to go back to photography, and so far, so good :)


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    Just my luck

    The strong and upcoming Lendsy Lohan continues to struggle with her career, or does she?
    6.5/10 on the Sam scale

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    لعشاق البشامل

    ولا في ازكى من هيك! صنعة ايدية وحياة عنية. لأ و تصويري كمان

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    Friday May12th
    4/10 on the Sam Scale
    Is this the next Titanic box office smasher, or a major flop in the pond?

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    المصاري والحب.... يتبع

    Test article ya jama3a

    قال بقولك يا سيدي المصاري ما بتشتري كل شي

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