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It's been a while, but..

    It has been a while since i last posted here,'s enlightening to observe and it can be funny.

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    7ayati Abouts!!

    I don't know if you wonder..

    But I'm giving you some (7ayati) Abouts!!

    A  peek;)

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    A nice hot cup of coco

    my warm shawl wrapped around my shoulders..

    my special winter tunes..

    And my nice hot cup of coco..

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    Do you believe in chemistry??!!

    El kemi kemi kaa??

    you might not know the movie..

    but you sure know the symptoms!

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    Walking on glass..

    Sometimes..we have to walk on glass to reach shore.

    Where it's secure..

    Or at least, that's what it seems!

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    كان نفسى...

    علشان يشبهلك..

    علشان يشبهلك حبيته..

    كان نفسى اناديلك..

    و ناديته..

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    The more it dies..the more they'd survive.

    some people dance on the step..

    They can't get down..they can't get up..

    They can't leave their faithful straight line..

    And they can't say: what the hell..and decline..

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    I was talking to a friend of mine recently and he was telling me about stories he heard of..

    Stories of inter. affairs.

    Is it international affairs?

    Is it internal affairs or Internet affairs?!

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    My way!!!

    Regrets..I've had a few..
    but then again..
    too few to mention..
    I did what i had to do
    and saw it through with out..exemption!
    I did it my way....Frank Sinatra

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    العسل ...و ريحة البصل!!

    اخيرا..و بنجاح منقطع النظير..فك طلاسم السؤال الذى حير الملايين..

    من قتل جون ف كينيدى؟؟

     اووووبس....قصدى...من هى المرأه النكديه؟؟؟


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