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What do you brag about?

    It's human nature to brag, that's why humility is considered the highest form of spirituality, or at least, I personally think so.
    If you're beautiful, and you will know by people's attention around you, you tend to show off your beauty. If you're smart, you show off your knowledge. Even if you're religious, some people tend to brag their piety thinking that being "good" makes someone "better"!

    This superlative consequence is almost always meaningless! Seriously, think about it, do you think that someone being more educated, smarter, prettier, more pious, more well-mannered, more ethical, taller, shorter, thinner, fatter would make anyone any better of a person?

    At least piety SHOULD in theory make one a better person, but in practice, the second you feel that you're "better" because of [insert your favorite adjective here], then you're no better than anyone.

    Yes, that includes the worst humans in history!


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