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Success can be as simple as a move

    Sometime, all it takes for one to succeed is know how to read change and somehow latch one's self to that upward drift into success. Known pretty much as "riding the wave".

    Some people get it by nature, others need to be educated on it. One thing is certain...

    Change is inevitable, and your success might depend on you embracing that change at the right time.

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    On #Tunisia

    I'm really happy for what's happening in Tunisia, and how the will of the nation forced itself on the world.

    But I'm puzzled and surprised of how happy "other" Arab citizens. From the Atlantic to the Arabian sea, the simple Arab citizen is rejoicing as if it was his mother who got liberated! I couldn't but wonder...

    Is this the message that the people are sending to their rulers? In such a case, what a horrible fate the future has for ALL Arab Kings, Sultans, Presidents and Emirs.

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    المكياج للمرأة ... كالملح في الطبيخ

    هذه المقولة كانت وليدة لحظة تأمّل عميقة... تبعتها ما يمكن تشبيهه بـ"طوشة" صغيرة مع نصفي الحلو. لعدّة اسباب، لكن بشكل عام و رغم الـ"طوشة" اتّفق الجميع على المبدأ

    يعني مثلا، طبخة بملح كثير لا تُستساغ، كما الطبخة بلا ملح ايضا لا تستساغ!

    لكن ببساطة يمكن تعميم المبدأ على كل شيء، قليل من الشيء يضيف بعض النكهة اليه، و المبالغة في اي شيء (حتى المكياج) تفسد الشيء!

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    On people, maturity and divorce

    From my view down from my high seat in philosophical heavens, I look down and feel that I have found an answer to many of modern day divorces that we all have seen happening all around us. It's a sad truth of the modern age.

    It's true, that in the past, people had less choices. They would marry for life and come hail or high water, they would stick together. I understand that the society was a lot more abusive and restrictive of women at those times. But I doubt that had any real effect on how these relationships formed, progressed and were maintained.

    What I seem to find whenever I talk to an older person, is a feeling of maturity, even among the crazy ones who took too long to mature that they have eventually found their path to maturity. They did it! They entered the whole deal with expectations of how hard it's going to be and how committed each party is going to be to ensure the stability and the longevity of this relationship.

    Alas, I don't see this being the case these days. If you look around, you'll see everyone rushing into marriage as simply another stage in their life, looking forward to how amazing and simply "fun" it's going to be.

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