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Find out who's looking for you

    It doesn't get any more idiotic than this. A service, claiming to let you know who's been searching for you online.

    Feeding off our deep and dark insecurities, I think this service is going to succeed and make tons of money . But seriously, it's completely idiotic. Not to mention devious!

    Here's how bad this can be. You are actually paying a service to tell you what you might already know. Then advertise how people are searching for you. You come in, sign up, and now they have all your private information and can sell it, or provide to other people you might search for.

    Oh, and just to think of it, this is one of the problems with this. You provide your information to search for someone. Who in turn gets your information and reasons to pay money to know who you are.

    Before you sign up ask yourself this question, is it worth i?

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    #Starbucks to sell alcoholic drinks, prostitution to follow

    In an effort to diversify their losing business of burned petrified wood sold as top shelf Java, Starbucks has ventured into the wonderful land of producing alcoholic beverages.

    With that, Starbucks follows the steps of drug companies in selling upper and downer substances at the same time. It's going to be interesting to see a double shot espresso laced with rum or tequila.

    Way to go Starbucks. While you're suffering record losses in the US (Along with the ailing cigarette companies) you're enjoying record sales in backward third world countries. Thanks to the lovely brain washed crowds thinking that Starbucks has any flavor. Other than burned petrified charcoal.


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    Stop Cyber-Bullying against ArabCrunch and Ghaith Saqr

    Folks, this has gone too far. This is not how things should go.

    Granted, Ghaith is mentally unstable and completely paranoid. Or perhaps he's playing a game of some sort. But to find people creating accounts on Twitter under the name "Kill Arab Crunch" is flat out cyber bullying and bordering on hate speech.

    This is not acceptable and shouldn't be allowed in any way, shape or form.


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    No seriously, I don't care!

    I'm not a mean person, and I'm not trying to be inconsiderate, but when you're working on a performance based rewards system, we're all held accountable for our actions and our efficiency.

    When I work in a team, I expect everyone to work, no one to quit. Everyone gives it 100%. That's what I expect, because, well, this is what I try to do myself. In fact, I try to give it 150% just in case someone else falls back or perhaps for the future point where I might not be able to perform at 100%.

    But some people appear to have this slacking behind and procrastinating everything as a way of life. Don't absolutely nothing until it's the very last second, and then some.

    These people force you to work at 250%. 100 for you, 100 for them and 50% to fix the crap that they have produced. It gets so frustrating at times.

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