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Did anyone tell you before that you're and idiot?

    The fact of that matter is not all that important here, what is important is ...

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    Two years

    I can't believe it has been two years since that glorious day. The day I tied the knot with the lady that gave this whole world a meaning and a taste.

    Happy anniversary my dear. Many happy returns with you in my life

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    Burned out!

    My second day at my new job, and apparently, I developed a new spidey sense! I can detect burned up employees after spending 10 minutes with them!

    It's astonishing how this keeps repeating itself over and over. In every job you have the same bunch of people

    1. The super achiever!
    The guy who does everything, walks on water and just rocks the world. Of course, having one of those is bad for everyone else since they simply can't, or unwilling to even change their attitude!

    2. The wannabe super-achiever
    These folks hang around type 1 above, trying to imitate everything they do. They lack innovation and proactivity and appear to fail miserably despite the effort they put in. They eventually turn to one of the types below.

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    People work harder:
    Because of the increased involvement and commitment that comes from having more control and say in their work

    People work smarter:
    Because they are encouraged to build skills and competence

    People work more responsibly:
    Because more responsibility is placed in hands of employees farther down in the organization

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    My last day at work...

    Today was my last day... A very emotional day indeed.

    After making sure I paid my dues, tidied my spot, cleaned up my trash and taken out all the junk. I made sure I "surrender" my piece of the company in a better shape than when I got it. I'm proud to have served there, and I'm proud of the wonderful work that I've done so far.

    Only time will tell what kind of impact that is going to have on the life of people. But I will maintain my hopes up.

    Saying good bye to people I've worked with, people I shared my time, sweat and blood with was the hardest thing ever. But it had to be done.

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    Please, stop telling me your secrets!

    For god's sake, would every social media "guru", make money online "maverick", get rich quick pitchman, or how to buy real estate for $1 con-man PLEASE stop trying to convince me to get their Free secrets (just pay shipping and handling)

    This still is all junk, worth absolutely nothing. So please, stop trying to let me in on your amazing "Secrets".

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    Talking about friends

    Today, I had to write a piece about friends. For some reason, things just did not flow

    If you were asked to talk about your friends, would you know what to say?

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