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Passing tests

    It's been a long time since I last sat down, and took an test. Last night, I got a jolt of confidence as I passed what I can describe as the first of a long series of tests that I'm going to be sitting for.

    I was the same old me, excited to answer, impatient to find out the result. But the adrenaline rush still tastes the same way. Exhilarating!

    I know what some say, "What the heck, is he talking about taking a test or Skydiving?". To some people like me, it's pretty much the same.


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    Common Jordanian trends!

    Entrepreneurs speak about entrepreneurship as the best thing in the world, everything else is crap

    Open source developers speak about open source as the best thing in the world.

    Online advertising publishers, talk about online advertising as the best thing in the world.

    Do you see the trend here? It's the same-old-same-old!

    Let me explain a bit why!

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    Family weekend...

    Nothing beats the sweet tummy tingling feelings of spending a relaxing/exciting weekend with the family. Seriously, it's the remedy to all stress and a solution to modern fast paced society.

    This week was just amazing, spent with the family, doing what families do. Walking, talking, bonding, comforting, shopping, dining and simply enjoying the amazing joys of the family. The only thing that can substitute for everything else... Nothing comes close.

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    Idiots in charge

    Ever had this feeling that the ship is being run by idiots?

    I double checked, and I am seriously not having a superiority moment like I often do. I know, I have a few of those every now and then. But not this time.

    You know when you're dealing with an idiot how they focus primarily on trivialities. The smaller it is, the greater the focus. Seriously, it's like a tell tale sign.

    The other sign is when they try to elaborate on things they have no idea how they work. Making answers like "You idiot don't even know how this thing work, YET, you're providing feedback?" come to mind so frequently!

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