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When people don't care...

    "You know people don't care when no one bothers to correct you"

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    I Quit!

    The most amazing two words you can say to anyone. "I Quit", (well actually one word and one letter)!

    It's so refreshing to be able to talk to your boss, look them in the eyes, and say... "I quit"

    Now, don't just go out and quit your jobs to experience this amazing feeling. These two words are the culmination of months of research, then finding the job, going interviews, and the madness of getting hired these days. Then after everything had been cosmically aligned, you may go to your boss and say those two lovely words...

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    Your easy job!

    For some reason, everyone thinks everyone else's job is WAAY easier than theirs.

    After a friend of mine decided to be nice to the Janitor, appreciating her hard work, and how tough it might be to be in her shoes. She fired that silly remark, "Your job is easy"

    For the most part, comparing apples to apples or calories to calories, my friend's job is way easier. However, it took him 22 years of education, a marriage and a full head of hair to get to where he is today. Not to mention depression medication, stress pills and the rest of his daily cocktail of drugs just to get him to work.

    I don't want to be the one who belittles any job. We need them all. We should appreciate them all. No matter how insignificant our self glorifying brains makes us think. If a job was easy or not needed. It would have disappeared already.

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    Blame it on the economy...

    Poor management is inexcusable, period! Bad economy, is all the more pressing to make sure the best management techniques are followed.

    For example, failure to plan, is a major tell-tale sign of poor management. I'm not talking about things that may be simple oversights or occasional issues. I'm talking about consistent, and almost predictable planning efforts. Call it what ever you like, poor planning is the hallmark of really poor management overall.

    Other aspects of poor management are limited effectiveness, and lacking human skills. If you're in the management game, you are in the PEOPLE business, whether you like it, or not.

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    Work makes you dumb(er)!

    You spend at least 16 years of your life studying.

    During these glorious years, your brain mass grows rapidly, despite those collage years, and all the experiments you went through.

    Then, you feel it's time to slow down and just enjoy work and life, opting to learn on the job, and grow in-place.

    Out of a personal experience, I can say, this is not a great idea!

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    Are you capable of forgiving?

    I know I am one of the people who is capable of forgiving, oh just about anything.

    Perhaps it's due to long term memory loss, or a matter of me just keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Where, in the grand scheme of things, most conflicts can be resolved with time.

    However, I have seen people who are simply incapable of forgiving. No matter how long it takes. Once you land on the other side of the fence, you have fallen out of grace for good!

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    Enough with the facebook clones already!

    This morning, I received an invitation to join yet another new social network. This time, it's a Jordanian made Facebook clone called PetraBook.

    I relaly love to support start ups and great new ideas, please stress on "NEW" ideas.

    Not only that, just recap my older article on why I don't trust Arab online services.

    Few weeks back it was MuslimFacebook, and a few Arab-book clones. Quite frankly, I'm getting a tad annoyed with all of these. Here's why

    But first, If there was one thing I would add to "why I don't trust Arab online services" it would be this, when "implementing" someone else's code, even open source, I have no guarantee or security audit of any form that the source owner didn't add back doors to gain unlawful access to my personal data.

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    Women have expiration dates!

    Just like any perishable item on store shelves, women have similar life cycle; They're unripe before a certain age, then ripe but not mature, then mature and ripe. Then ripe and oozing with the juices and then they expire. The stores try to get rid of them as soon as they can to make place for the new products, and before they rot, spoil and expire.

    If you feel that that image was too harsh, too degrading, objectifying and commercializing women. Then you would be absolutely right on all counts.

    But if you want to add being realistic to the list, you would be one who lives somewhere in our side of the world.

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    On gays, lesbians and bisexuals in the mainstream media

    I was going through last season of House, when an episode caught my attention on what I can describe as social hypocrisy, in favor of being politically correct with Gays.

    However, this specific concept defies logic. No matter how you look at it!

    In the episodes, the characters were all trying to convince a "reverted" gay man, that he is gay. While he was fighting to explain to them that he is NOT gay. He was trying to get married, and apparently loves his fiance. But no matter what he did, he just couldn't convince anyone.

    The justification why everyone wanted him to "be honest" is that he will live a miserable marriage.

    Fair enough, but ...

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    Adventures in Amman

    These guys are totally hilarious! Out of this world funny!

    You gotta love this, take my world for it, they are AWESOME!

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