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Time to ditch your DSLR

    DSLRs have become so popular in the past 10 years. Many people wonder how they lived before them!

    But, certain advances in cameras are slowly creeping up on the bulky, heavy, awkward, intimidating looking cameras, these wonderful things are rendering these hefty loads almost obsolete. Perhaps not immediately...

    First of all, let me start by saying, DSLRs are not for everyone. Seriously, if you're planning to buy a camera that heavy and bulky, you better think, A LOT, about that decision, and major investment I would add.

    To be completely honest, despite the amazing picture quality of DSLRs, they're a major disappointment to many people. In fact, so many people decide to take classes just to come up to speed with the many and often pretty confusing settings of DSLRs.

    Did I mention how bulky, and heavy they are?

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    Surprisingly, Applauding Apple

    Let me start by saying that Apple has no religion. In fact, Apple is a "for profit" company that does everything to make money (sorry for the Apple fans who feel personally offended that Apple doesn't make things to make him personally happy)

    Apple have taken a very wise decision, to pull an App that offends Islam off their App store. A similar app that offends Christianity is still loose in the wild, and being sold on App store.

    Perhaps Muslims take these things more seriously, or more precisely, centuries of mocking Christianity have paid off, I seriously feel sorry for Christians these days. I'm not really sure. But what is certain is that PEOPLE are the ones who control what goes on, and what offends them

    Remember that!

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    I will not be part of it

    I understand the concerns that were convoyed to me from some of you regarding some offending blogs that I happen to promote on Qwaider Planet.

    Let me start by saying I am not going to be apologetic when it comes to offending people in anyway. I will take swift and decisive actions. I think historically this has been the case. People who were removed knew exactly what they were doing, yet persisted.

    Offending religion, mine or otherwise is NOT Acceptable. It might be allowed under the US constitution, or practiced under the umbrella of freedom of speech. However, MY freedom of expression, gives me the right NOT to accept, promote or be part of any campaign targeted to smear religions, or religious figure heads.

    That's just to explain why certain changes were made, and in the spirit of transparency and full disclosure I am sharing this, again, for the record.

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    التلفزيون الأردني، وقانون الإنتخاب الجديد

    تحيّة عطرة لكل القائمين على احد اعظم صروح الأردن ـ التلفزيون الأردني- وجه الأردن المشرّف، يعطيكم الف عافية.

    شاهدت امس بتاريخ 20/5/2010 نشرة الأخبار وقد قام المذيع مشكورا بجهد جبّار في قراءة نص قانون الإنتخاب الجديد بكامله. وهو جهد عظيم يستحق الثناء، يصل لدرجة بطولة العالم في رفع الأثقال! اشفقت عليه و الله من طول و تفاصيل القانون الجديد، الذي لم يترك شاردة او واردة حتى شراء الأصوات الا و ادرجها. شيء رائع اهنّيء المسؤولين في الحكومة عليه بغض النظر عن تكاليف هذا القانون و المصاريف الناتجة عن تطوير هذا القانون الجديد و وضع نصّه و بنوده. الله يعطيكم العافية.

    لكن يا جماعة الخير، قراءة القانون بندا بندا و فقرة فقرة من اوّله و حتى اخر نقطة لا يعد عملا اخباريا! و لا هو جدير بالوقت و المجهود الذي اضاعه المذيع الفاضل في قراءة نص القانون.

    الوقت من ذهب

    هذه المقولة الشهيرة تتجلى في ثواني التلفزيون بشكل واضح. فكل ثانيه بث، لها ثمن باهظ من تكلفة انتاج و لها قيمة مادية يمكن بيعها للمعلنين، او لاستقطاب المشاهدين.

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    Dear Jordan TV, no such a thing as Good radiation!

    I was shocked today when I heard Jordan TV promoting Afra hot springs which has natural hot-springs that has a large concentration of minerals (which is great) but also has the highest recorded radiation levels anywhere in the world (bad, VERY VERY bad)

    If you don't know what radiation does, let me give you a quick short idea. Radiation KILLS! It affects living cells, it breaking down chemical compounds (like DNA) and causes deadly mutations, cancers, and irrecoverable cell damage. For pregnant women it's way worse, it causes abortion and birth defects.

    Radiation clinically can only be administered in extremely low controlled doses, performed by highly skilled doctors under very tight measures because IT KILLS.

    Now that this is out of the way, the next message is to Jordan TV, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!!

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    New mobile Bing! Pleases!

    Few weeks back, I was so furious with the Bing mobile maps refresh that I stopped using it completely and switched to the far superior Google Maps on the mobile. I was telling everyone how the "new" update made things worse

    Way worse!!!

    But last week, Microsoft released a new edition of Bing with mobile map navigation. An WOW! It doesn't just work great! It beats well established GPS solutions from dedicated GPSes! Just check this video...

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    Online advertising really doesn't work!

    I know, I've seen the statistics, I've heard all the arguments. But still, I am coming to the conclusion that online advertising simply doesn't work.

    This is the last thing you would hear from someone like me who makes money from online advertising. Yes, I do, so it's really not in my best interest to "spill the beans"

    It's extremely alluring when you hear the numbers. Millions of users, billions of page views. The numbers are just staggering. Even the Arab world is struggling to get a piece of these millions and billions. Even at 1% content on the Internet, many are hopeful to get a piece of this pie. I understand the reasons.

    But for advertisers! I think it's a total waste of money. I truly do...

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    @Jordanblogs in Addustour today

    Thanks to the diligent work of blogger (and now mainstream published writer) Sanad (Subzero) you can read a great article about Jordanblogs in the Daily news paper Addustour (PDF)

    Just shows how wonderful, alive, and vibrant this micro-community.

    Thank you Sanad, and thank you Jordan Blogs. It's been an honor serving this community.

    Coincidentally, today marks Memories documented Anniversary! Can you imagine a better way to commemorate this day?

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    ضلع اعوج

    كثيرا ما سمعنا مقولة ان المرأة خلقت من ضلع اعوج من آدم. طبعا و بدون شك كل ما توارثناه اصبح في شبة المسلّمات. و الكثيرين و منهم ائمة مساجد من على المنابر يلقون بالخطبة تلو الخطبة في قصور النساء و خلقهم "الناقص" مستشهدين بخلقها المتأخر عن آدم المكرّم من الله و الملائكة و من بعض زوائده... فالمرأة لم تخلق الا بعد كمال خلق آدم و خلقت من ضلعه اثناء نومه (على اساس انّه عليه السلام، ملّ من الحياة وحيدا في الجنة)

    طبعا لن ادخل في مجال الحديث عن الموضوع من ناحية علميا، فكل القصة لا تعدو كونها كلام فارغ من ناحية علمية. و آدم لا بد ان يكون نشأ من مخلوق آخر. او الأصح حوّاء هي التي نشأت من كائن آخر و كان آدم الطفرة التي كوّنت الرجل على ما هو عليه. لكن ما علينا

    من ناحية دينية، و اخص هنا دين الإسلام، فهذا ايضا محض هراء و افتراء !!!! كيف؟ و لماذا؟

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